Monday, March 20, 2017

Foolin' mom

So I, Roxie, has done SUCH a good job of foolin' mom on regard to my Roxie fitniss level.

I packs Mom around bare backsies all winter and Mom is all "Its a hard work to do walkies with me on you thru all the deep snows!" and i is all "YES i agree *huff puff*"

. . .

But then. the snows melts off.

Mom goes to put on my Roxie jomp saddul and lerns that my big girth no longer fits my Roxie greatness.


I tries to tell her it is all hairs but she is all "nope we needs to go do trotting since you are a big fatt butt Roxie."

So now it is back to areena work which is reel work and also trail trodding.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Garbidge Wensday

So today is Wensday. Around these parts this is Garbidge Wensday. Wen the garbidge man and loud clanky truck comes and hauls off all your old feed bags and kitty litters and noose papers and whatever.

What this meens is, ther is all these cans of garbidge that sprouts up wen i goes and wanders around on the road with mom on me.

Super Alert Status

These cans is not normally there. So i hate them.

Or at leest, i did hate them. Then mom invented a fun Roxie game where i touch a garbidge can with my snoot and I gets a treet!

Now I kind of love these garbidge cans. They means I get treets. Plus the cans have weird interesting smells in em.


Saturday, February 18, 2017


This was in mah Roxie email the other day:

This is not a verry nice thing to assume that Roxies need grammer help.

Maybe Roxies do nut WANT your help!

Thank you and good day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Enjoy this Roxie heart vallentine! And give each other a hug and mebbe a carrot today for Pete's sake.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Instant Gram

So ther is a thing on the innernet that is a Insty Gram. It's like this Roxie blog exsept for it is just picsures. Oh and hash things. But this is all sort of cool because of like you can clik on a hash-thing and it takes you to whole gobs of picsures that are of the thing you were wanting to see.

This is a long way of sayin that I also has a Insty Gram. I think you serch by my Roxie name? But appurently there was already some false Roxie Horse so now you must serch for "Roxie.Horsepower."

Mayhaps I can provide this.

Hold on.

well here ya go: 

Go there and see more Roxie with more freequincy. My blog typer Mom hooman is bad at Blog but might be better at mobil phone pic snappin and insty-grammin and hash-thingin.

There will still be bloggin. But who knows how offen that is going to happen, reely.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

More snows

So this winter has included a whole lot of snows at my Roxie house.

This is fine.

I gets rided in this snow, but it is always barebacksies and walking. So this is no big deel. Neether mom nor I is in much hurry any ways.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Super Importent Fashun Roxie Update

Actually this is two updates:

1) Fashun Coats for this yeer has cool pops of pipey color.

And bloo is good on all colors of horse. 

2) Shimmer lip sticks is back in!

Hot Cotuer