Monday, July 22, 2019

Halp a Roxie choose a bridle


Mom has also desided that my Roxie greatness deserves a cusstom bridle.

So heer are 5 designs. You may comment and let a Roxie know which you prefur.

I do not reely have a favrite. Bridles is just a thing i wear for the sake of being rided.

Black and white with blue sparkles

Brown and tan with lite blue sparkl. Pretend this bridle is brown.

Brown and tan with weerd brownish green porpl sparkels

Grey with lite pinks

Pink with black sparkles

Pink with pink sparkels
Thankee all for your opinions. Assuming that those opinions is nice ones and not all like "no selfish Roxie you shuld use your horse munney for the poor horses insted."

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Another show

So more recent but also a few weeks ago. Marm is like "you is so greatness, let us go do another show adventure" and I is all "yup hokay" yet again.

So i gets in the trailer and goes for some hours. I comes out in this nice deserty place with lots of areenas and COWS and i is all "YUSS" but apparently these cows is for chasing and rope-ing, not for Roxie-ing. Sad.

But we does a dressahzj again. 

We does this for too days in a row.

On day One. Mom wears a purple coat, and spurs, and i is so good, and we wins.

On day Too. Mom wears a lite bloo coat, and spurs, and picks up a wip so that she may tap me into the corners. Boo. :(

But i goes in the corners.


Oh also, there is JOMPING in this dressahcj test!

Thees is barely worth the effort tho

And i wins again! Becuz i goes in corners and does bending, I wins by a LOT.

I does so good and mommo is a proud. 💜

So I is doing a pretty good year at shows, I guess.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Doing a show

So a few weeks ago.  Marm is all. "Hay Roxie. Let us get in the trailer for four hours." And I being a good Roxie is all "hokay."

So we do.

We evenshually gets to a place with trees an hills wher I has been before. Normal hotel acomodation is a teeny stall but this time I gets a huge pen where cows has been, so that I may move my Roxie greatness around. This is better.

So i is there for days and days. Mom Marm puts up a tent and lives with me.

Day One is we go do dressahzj. I prance around and demunstrate my glory wile a lady is all "bark bark ride better." So that is fun.

Day Two is longer. We gets to do dressahzj but just a test and then a different lady talks to Marm about how she should ride better. That's all for the morning.

Then Day Two also. We goes and does cross country jomping. I is perfect and amazing because doy. Even tho this weather is the pits.

I is a tuff Roxie but come on man. 

Then Day 3 Marm explains will be the same format as Day 2 but will ackshully count for somthing. She gets on a fancy coat and puts on my fancy wite leg doobers and off we go.

We does a dressahzj and I is amazing.
Heer is a video link, I donut know if it will work.

There is visitors! They has carrots.

Then i rests some. Then i go do jomping.

This jomping is different. There is people everywhere and that is scarey. So mom wait marm has to do some kicking. But I goes SO FAST  and i jomps all the things, and I is such a good gurl!

And then I wins! Hooray Roxie!

Any ways. That is all on that show.

I goes and does more but that is an other entry.

Friday, April 12, 2019

Cusstom saddle

Mommish has desided that my Roxieness deserves a cusstom saddle.

A horn type saddul for trail walking.

So hay lady Leeuh from long ago comes. She has theese dealies that you put on horse backs and write down so some man som place can make the bones of the saddul. He takes a while. Than he sends this to Leeuh and she puts all the lethers and fancy stamps and dots and silvers on it, and that will be my saddle.

There is a wither one, and a middul one, and a loin one.

Anyway. My self will not fit into thees dealies! Ha ha ha I knows I is speshial.

So mommish gets her bendy ruler and we do mezzuring this way. 

I is Roxie and I is supervisin.

Artsy mezzure.

Normal mezzure.

I will have a saddul som time in the next years.

Yay for more horse tackle!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I hate theese flyers also

Ther is a invasion of flying honky things in the hay field near my horse house.

TOO near my horse house.

I hate these things. I cannut quite see what they is. So i stares in a intimmidating way and I snorts at them.


And then i bravely runs away as I must proteck my Roxie greatness.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Back to work

So. Mom is all "BACK TO WORK ROXIE" and i must confess that i haete this.

I rememmer being a fit Roxie but this is not easy to get back into.

Anyway heer is a pic of me before getting in to my rootine:

Ther will be some comparring, I guess.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Another airplame that i is less fond of

So to ride upon my preevious. There is another other thing that flies that I is less fond of.

This is a teeny toy gofast airplame that lives at my house.

Mom's Matt makes it do things and this is real scarey also. 


At leest I can get some huff puff cardio in frum running frum this.