Friday, April 12, 2019

Cusstom saddle

Mommish has desided that my Roxieness deserves a cusstom saddle.

A horn type saddul for trail walking.

So hay lady Leeuh from long ago comes. She has theese dealies that you put on horse backs and write down so some man som place can make the bones of the saddul. He takes a while. Than he sends this to Leeuh and she puts all the lethers and fancy stamps and dots and silvers on it, and that will be my saddle.

There is a wither one, and a middul one, and a loin one.

Anyway. My self will not fit into thees dealies! Ha ha ha I knows I is speshial.

So mommish gets her bendy ruler and we do mezzuring this way. 

I is Roxie and I is supervisin.

Artsy mezzure.

Normal mezzure.

I will have a saddul som time in the next years.

Yay for more horse tackle!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I hate theese flyers also

Ther is a invasion of flying honky things in the hay field near my horse house.

TOO near my horse house.

I hate these things. I cannut quite see what they is. So i stares in a intimmidating way and I snorts at them.


And then i bravely runs away as I must proteck my Roxie greatness.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Back to work

So. Mom is all "BACK TO WORK ROXIE" and i must confess that i haete this.

I rememmer being a fit Roxie but this is not easy to get back into.

Anyway heer is a pic of me before getting in to my rootine:

Ther will be some comparring, I guess.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Another airplame that i is less fond of

So to ride upon my preevious. There is another other thing that flies that I is less fond of.

This is a teeny toy gofast airplame that lives at my house.

Mom's Matt makes it do things and this is real scarey also. 


At leest I can get some huff puff cardio in frum running frum this.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Those of you who has followed my Roxie bloggo for some time will rememmmer that I enjoy looking for air planes.

I likes to watch them fly over.

Some times they flies over kinda close when I is on my favorite Roxie trail becuz of how there is a air port nearby. We will watch them and it is fun.

Any ways I like air planes and hellacoppers.


It turns out there is a flying thing that I do not enjoy.

This would be a man in a lawn chair with a big fann on it, and a parachute.






Friday, January 18, 2019

Bloo Crissmiss stuff

I will tell you all what we gets for Crissmiss. On the condishun that you all do not come over and steel the cool things.

I is Roxie and I is over sharing.


I is all "Mommish. I do not want new tacks becuz that meens more work." And she is all "Hokay but. How about I give you foods and groomy stuff instead and I can dig up old tacks and we can pretend they is new." Which is a good deel.

So i gets this bloo quater sheet which is not new but which I never has to gets to use becuz I grows my own warmth.

And I gets my lether bit put back on my bridle becuz when it is 15 degrees, it is nice to not have to carry a metal rod in ones mouf.

Comfort is key.

And I gets this boss detwangler that takes care of my Roxie Dredlocksies.

And i gets a mondo dump of Crissmiss grain with extra flaxes.

And new peppurmints.

Other dorks get bloo bridles. This just meens more work for those suckers.

Ther is a Fang bridle tag too, in case any one is to make the mistake of thinking she is frendly and nice:


Baby Halo gets a bloo show haltur for this coming season.

Fancy Babbo 

Anyways, that is all that I knows of.

Bloo Crissmiss!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Winter doings

So. As we slide into a new yeer. Here is how all the horses is doing here at my Roxie property which belongs to me.

We shall start with me becuz I is best.

Here is me.

Lookin' mighty fine.

I is going on winter rides rt now because lots of walk is on the re fitness ajenda. Also becuz I has my own large Roxie snowshoes (which is actshully just my big and excellent feets).

Stupid Potato does not know to grow a winter coat and has to wear a Blanket of Shame.

"I'm sorry I cannut fuzz for you." :( Is probly what she says.

She's onna break so her job is to baby sit a Halo.

Halo grows her own boss winter fuzz.

Lookit that perf babbo 💖💕💖

She is being a spastic so Potato is suppose to teach some manners.

She does not lern this shenanigannery from me

Manners being installed

We will see.

Fang is who we talk about last, because I donut like Fang.

She gets to be boarded and rided all the time.

She also grows her own fuzz, but who cares.

I isn't jelous. I is just . . . well. Not jelous. Nope.