Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So it coms to pass that I, ROXIE, goes to the Lessin Place and talks to the Trainer Woman. An it is NOT liek Roommate Horse sed it was liek. I meen, yes, there is all sorts of other horses, an they flurt with yu and say they love you, an there is a big areena and you get rided arownd. But it is HARD. An there is mirrirrs wher you can see your own Roxie self, an a Scary Door that is Scary to go past, an you haev to trot a BUNCH of trots, and then the Trainer Woman sez to canner and you have to canner and canner and canner until you is breething SO hard you is goin to die. :-(

Still. Trainer Woman sed I, Roxie, is byootiful and i is a Nice Girl and i has po-ten-shull. An i did not die, so that is somthing. Everyone who wuz watchin sez i did SO good and i am SO cute! Yay for me! Roxie!

I also got picsures frum the Flash Box. They are grainey like Grain Foods cuz of the lites. And yes, i got Hays in the trailur on the way there, and Grain Foods when i wuz done and back at my Horse House home with Roommate Horse.

This is a cyute picsure of me, Roxie. Mom looks terrubble an that maeks me look evun better! Ha.

I haev another lessin in a week! Hooray for Roxie!


Daun said...

You are very beautiful and your mom looks great! You both look great!

Thanks for the great laughs!!

Serena said...
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My name is Roxie said...

Somday i will be as tallunted as Mighty Brego!

IndianShuffle said...

Don't worry Roxie you won't die from cannering. I have taken lessons with a trainer man, but your puffy Roxie fashun coat will get very sweaty. Then you will deserve EXTRA grain foods.

Leah Fry said...

Roxie, you so ROCK!

Funder said...

Oh very cute pictures! Yall look awesome.

Just remember, after Mom makes you canter a lot, you'll be able to run away from her even better in the big field when you don't wanna go in. ;)

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, it sounds like you had a great day and you did magnificently at your lessin! You & you mom look good in the pictures. Maybe someday you'll be in a movie with Brego!
Janet & Shiloh

cdncowgirl said...

Bravo Roxie! I'm sure you'll come to enjoy your lessons, even all the cannering.
My Applejack acts all slow and lazy but when you ask him to run he livens right up (and no I don't have to wip him)

My name is Roxie said...

Lessins is kind of nice cuz i DO feel that I, Roxie, ackomplish somthing other then just eeting my salt block all day long. Plus it maekes Roommate Horse jelous! Ha ha ha!

Denise- LessIsMore17 said...

jus' go forwerds and yer mom wont hafta use deh wip.

Hav fun witda lessins! lukin good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Roxie
Can't wait to hear about your latest lesson.
In the meantime, I'm hosting a guest blogger contest over at : Enlightened Horsemanship Through Touch.
Please join us!