Friday, November 7, 2008

Poor Mom!

Did you all know ther is a thing called "serjery" an it means a Human Vet CUTS YOU OPIN!?

I haddnt seen Mom for a few dayz an then she coms out today to bring grain foods! Hooray! It is rainding somethin awful an i wuz standin in my Roxie shed in Horse Prison tryin to keep my Fashun Coat dry. Not kleen, cuz mud is fun. :-) Just dry.

So Mom coms out an brings me grain foods an she is limpin a LOT an she telld me she had a "serjery" an a man cut her leg opin! I guess this is to make you bedder but it seems liek it wuld make you wurse. she sed she sleeped thru it cuz they give you stuffs in your bludd that maek you sleepy. But wen it is over they haev drilled holes in your BONES and taken things out of your leg and put other things in your leg! It sounded terruble. But ackshully i was nomming grain foods and not reelly lissening cuz hey, I is starving.

So i looked up frum grain foods and Mom was gone. :-( But she will be back soon, i bet, and riding me arownd and calling me Good Girl in no time.

In the meen wile, heer is a picshure from the other day. Mom feeded me a carrot that was old like Roommate Horse an i gess when carrots get old, they get . . . bendy.


I still eatded it an it was still so yummy tasty.


Mrs Mom said...

Roxie, please be sure to tell your wonderful Mom to heal up well, and LISTEN TO THE DOCTOR!!!

By the way Roxie girl, I love your lovely winter coat. It looks quite soft and snuggly, and I am sure you are very proud of it!

Daun said...

Roxie, I hope your mom heals well! I was so sorry to hear that she had surgery, but it's good she is up to feeding you grain foods.

I think of you and your beautiful fashion coat in the coming winter every day!

Leah Fry said...

Roxie, hope your mom heals quick. I really appreciate you, Roxie. You always make me laugh.

My name is Roxie said...

Other Mom--I do hoep Mom heels. Altho i think mebbe if she dusnt, she can't ride an whap me any more! Ha ha!
Daun--tell Mighty Brego to get well! He sownds worse off then Mom.
Thank you, Lee-uh Fry! Altho I em sure your own horses maekes you laff too. It is whut we do.

Funder said...

Oh no, did she have the ay-cee-ell surgery? :(

Serena said...

Yesh. But things are going well. The scar from this is going to be WAY smaller than the scar from the other one, which i had done 10 years ago. whoot!

cdncowgirl said...

Roxie please tell your mom I hope she has a speedy, uneventful recovery :)

cdncowgirl said...

ps - I like your new header pic

Funder said...

Roxie. How is your mom. You know better than to leave us just WORRYING about her like this. You need to post something young mare, ASAP!