Monday, March 16, 2009

Terruble Fives

So som horeses go thru Terruble Toos, wen they are too. an some go thru the Terruble Threes, wen they are three. But I is in Terruble FIVES.
Here is whut happinned.
I red on Imperial Horse's blog that ther is Terruble Fives, an I thot that cuz i am Five, mebbe it is my time to be Terruble. So i did! I tryed all the stuffs that Maximus sugjests, like "leg yeelding" and jumping arownd an beeing a jerk. Onlee I, Roxie, finds a REESON to act this way!
Som one got brushded in the areena an ther was grey horse hairs everhwere. So i dee-sides these hairs are HOT and BITEY an i must not get neer them or they will eet me! I wuld walk up to them an then stop and i wuld NOT go any farther! Cuz the hairs is hot and bitey, you see. This maekes Mom holler, an kick, and crop-whap me a lot. I mean a LOT. So i wuld back up. So Mom maede me back up and up an up an then i stepped on my own tail hairs an i ripped som of them out too. An then i would not go neer THOSE either! Ha ha ha. Hairs are EEVIL!
So what happins from this corse of ackshun is that i hadda trot and canner in circles oevr the hairs, lots of tiemes, both direckshions.
I did it ugly tho, liek with my head in the air an i wuddnt look at the hairs. So I, Roxie, kind of win as a matter of fackt.


dp said...

Good job, Roxie! I think there will be lots of evils hairs on the arena floor over for the next few weeks, so you will have an ongoing excuse to be terrible.

Albigears said...

Good for you. Obviously a horse exploded in there- best to stay away from the carnage.

c2b said...

You rock Roxy, what a gal. I can see you are going to have a good career playing with humans in years to come. You are learning your craft well. Love Zoe xx

EvenSong said...

And think of all the good exercise, both vocal and physical, that your human got! Way to go!

Funder said...

Attagirl, Roxie, you'll get her trained yet. I know your Mom is a slow learner, but keep up the good work and you'll get there. ;)

My word verification is a WORD! "retro"

My name is Roxie said...

It is troo, i LIEK being Bad Horse!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I don't like hairs either, never know what happened to the horse they were attached too.
Stay safe.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

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