Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So. It has been desided that I, Roxie, gets to live in the BARN this winter! Hooray! I gets a stall! An a sign with my Roxie naeme on it! Woot!
This has somthing to do with Roommate Horse goin away. She finded a new horse house wher the peoples want to ride on traels. Oh an i gess Roommate Horse's new people wanted a mean jerk horse to kick there gelding arownd an maeke him more easyer to train on. Roommate Horse has finded her calling.
But whut this meens to me, Roxie, besides givvin proof that I is the best and most favoritest horse of Mom, is that Mom now has more MONEYS to spend on me, Roxie, an I can be treeted evun more like the Horse Princess that I is. So I gets a STALL, an I gets MASSAZJES, an more LESSINS (evun tho I don't enjoy these) oh an I guess I get new blanketys too. But new blanketys is cuz I, Roxie, growd SIX HOLE INCHS LONGER this summer an I now wears Queen Size blanketys. Yup.


Andrea said...

Omigoodness Roxie, that is some growth! But who needs new blankets when you have a Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat?

c2b said...

Pampering by your human is always a good thing. You are training her well Roxie.
I am not being shaved this winter so have my fluff to keep me warm. Hurrah for puffy fashion coats!! (and hairy legs)

My name is Roxie said...

Ther is thretts of me being shaved, or mebbe semi-shaved. I has not determined this, but I, Roxie, IS determined that this will not happin. >:(

allhorsestuff said...

Well nickering niegh! Wa mare sends her bucks and farts/ running jumps to you!
What pleasure you'll have Roxie! Now others will coo over your beautiful face in the stall too!

Wa's owner sends a big Thanks to your girl..for signing up to "Follow/ Lead/Share" over at her horsey blog!
AND... she noticed she made 100 horsey peeps to sign up since she started to write about us! So she does not know which of the last 2 who(you or Buckskin Bay) signed up to be the 100th...and she has decided to give away a special treat to that person. Now maybe both- since she knows not which was first!)

My name is Roxie said...

awww, tank you Kaci an Wa! I ackshully reeds your horse blog all the tiem, i just fergottded to sign up.
U can let Bukskin Bay have the treet, unless it is eat-ible, in which case i will taeke it.

allhorsestuff said...

Pawing snort....your welcome...still wondering-my girl is- about the treeet~