Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vedderan's Day

So. It is Vedderan's Day. This is a day where you be nice to all the persons an horses who go to war an fight. They fight so I can eat treets an live in a big dry stall. I, Roxie, apreshiate this.
I must tell you all that Mom's brother Scott who is a Vedderan came to visit, and he RIDED me! Ther is no picsures cuz Mom is dum somtimes. But I ashure you that I is a good Roxie for Scott. Except that Mom tied me up to put on my saddul an I was lieke, I don' wanna be tied up, so I setted back an tryed to break loose! It is so fun! Except when it dosn't work. It totallee dosn't work. :(
And then Mom gets FURRIOS, like I haeve never seen, an I gettded smacked! An then Mom untied me an I hadda lunge arownd her in little sircles, and then I hadda back up and up and up and up and up and up and up!!! I gettded in HUUUGE trubble! Mom sed I is a spoiled brat! I is like, "I'm sorry Mom, just give me treets!" and she is all "RAAAAARRR, NO, YOU IS BAD ROXIE! KEEP BACKIN UP!" So I did.
So I is a perfict Roxie after this.
An Scott rided me an I is perfect for this too. It is the leest I can do for a Vedderan.
An then he feeded me carrots! Hooray!
So I, Roxie, DID get treets eventshually.


Albigears said...

Jasper knows just how you feel.

fernvalley01 said...

Roxie, Its is too bad you got in trouble , but good that you saved face and gave your veteran a good ride , mom must be proud of you again now

SmartAlex said...


c2b said...

Hurrah you got carrots for being a good Roxie. I am sad you got in trouble. Your mum sounds scary when she is cross.

Once Upon an Equine said...

It all works out when there are carrots at the end. That was good of you to give a vedderan a nice ride Roxie.