Saturday, October 16, 2010

I is a Best Roxie

I is a Best Roxie.

I is. Mom says. Heer is why.

First Mom comes an gets me out of my round bale SO ERLY. But there is more hay in my trailur so is cool.

Then we goes to a place that is a show place. This place has Other Horses. An areenas. And JOMPS.

An I jomps them.

Check me out.

I is Roxie and I is FLYIN.

I is landin!

The back rael of this fence ^^ is NOCKED DOWN BY SOM PERSON’s BUTT IN THE SADDUL. >:(

I is a sqware hunter horse.

Then I goes an rests for a while, an then I goes an jomps the saeme fences.


Mom is not laying on my Roxie neck. At leest, not as bad as it looks heer.

WHY shuld I fold up my Roxie legs when I can just lawnch over fenses with my big giant Roxie body?

I is Best Roxie.

Then we rests more. Then ther is a Flat Class wher I is a pritty Roxie.

Mom taekes us in with a loose gurth. >:\ Lookit.

I is onna bit.

I don’t WANNA be onna bit. >:(

Fine. But onna bit is stupid.

I will only be onna bit an Roxie flexy so as to impress the Honney Bucket thing.


Ha ha. No longer onna bit! Hi, Honney thing!


I is onna bit some more. I *is* pritty when this happuns.

Oops. Photo proofs that I can be uphill at a Roxie canner. This is bad news an will meen more works for me.

I looks like is a Tromple Horse but relly I is not going to stomp on this laydee.

Heer is Mom being all “LOLwhut” cuz the class peeple called for a change an Mom didn’t heer it cuz of no lowd speekers. She is seeing whut other persins is doing. One persin halted, one persin walked, one persin circulled at a trot. So, huh.

Circling! I had a Sweet Ish on my Roxie tail this yeer. See?

Also, um, Mom. Your stirops is still totalee jumping length.

More canner!


Then ther is Line Up.

Mom loves me. :)

Heer is us, hangin out in Line Up.

Us som more.

Mom is all givin me loves. Cuz I is a Best Roxie horse.

I gets all the pets too.

Heer is Mom givin I Love You spanks to my Roxie Buttocksie.

Heer is proof that Mom is a nice Mom. She duz not make my Roxie pink nose band all tite. See?

There is no Roxie ribbin for this Flat Class. There is ovviously some mistaeke. Maybe the show peeples forgets to order one.

Oh wells. Heer is me back by my trailur with my Roxie cooler on.

Mom is all “who is a best Roxie” an then poking me. So, it is me. Duh.

Then we gets in the trailer an goes for a ways an then gets out where Jassper lives!

Heer is me hangin out with Jassper’s brother Alexandre. He is a big pritty horse with a big long foreloxie just like mine.

Mom gets my saddul back on. But no bridle. Just my lether Roxie halter an green Roxie reins.

Heer is us!

We goes an opens a gate. Then we watches Jassper run arownd in there like a wild TB man.

See here he goes.

He’s all “WHEEEEEE!!!!!”

Meegan is all “uuuuuhhhhhh JASSPER IS A WEERD HORSE!”

Then Jassper an I goes on a trail ride together! This is a fun thing.

Jassper lives in a nice place.

Heer is us going thru grasses to get to a Creek.

I eets som of these grasses.

Then we goed up a hill an looked back down at the Creek!

Ther is a hole bunch of deers down ther.

Then we goes thru a place wher all thees small birds is all “EXPLODE!” an “FLY FLY FLY CHIRP FLY!” Jassper explodes too, but he goes in a big bunch of direckshuns all at once an ends up not relly going any wher. I do not care abowt birds becuz hay, they ride me sometimes.

Oh! An we also sees BIG birds. Turkee birds. They runs away, tho.

Then we gets to a fense an Meegan is all “Jassper go thataway” an she points an he DOES it! Good Jassper!

Then ther is a TRAIL CORSE at Jassper’s house!

We goes an walks thru TIRES, an over a TARP, an onna MATTRISS, an a BRIDGE, an thru this whappy thing! Look!

Heer is Jassper comin thru the whappy thing.

Then I goes in my trailur again, an I goes back to my Roxie Horse House.

Today is relly fun. :) And also, I is the Best Roxie.


Breathe said...

OMG, Roxie, you looked really awesome over those jumps. We are all very impressed over here.

That whappy thing looks kind of scary.

THe trail looks nice. We like trails too. Birds can be scary, tell Jasper it's ok.

--Lily and Smokey.

Leah Fry said...

Wow, that's what I call an exciting day, Miss Roxie. And I think you should have gotten a ribbon, too. Lookin' good!

EvenSong said...

Wow, Roxie! You had a Bizzy Day!
Where was it that you jomped the jomps? Obviously, the judges forgot to order any pink Roxie ribbons, or I'm sure you would have gotten several: You were such a good girl!
Even though you launch over those jomps so fine, it's a good habit to get into to fold those front legs up--you never know when your mama might through you off balance, and you wouldn't want to catch a leg and hurt your beautiful Roxie body.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

What a great day Roxie! Looks like you are going to be a good jumper and will get the flatwork too. I think the judges were so stunned at your skills the were stupified and didn't know what to do.

Serena said...

I should mention that Megan is the BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVER and anyone who wants her services should contact her through the Wet Reins blog or me at She's not even a PRO, can you believe it?! The show photos were all taken with a little nothing-special digital camera.

Alanna said...

Good job Roxie! You looked great over those fences.

Anonymous said...

You guys look awesome! Go Roxie!!!!!

I LOVE your Roxie cooler too, it's so ROXIE!

Mrs Mom said...

Yes indeed, you is DA BEST Roxie in the world! Nice job at the show- you looked smashing!

Albigears said...

OK, so there is proof that Jasper actually touched the ground in the arena- it sure didn't feel like it. HAHAHAHAHA- birds. So true.

Funder said...

Very cool! And I'd like to compliment your fall/winter coat - the snowy bit on your butt is very striking.

Bif said...

Awesome AND fun. Your Roxie mom is so lucky!

kbryan said...

What a wonderful post! You and Roxie look awesome together. Gotta love her attitude. Thank you for the update and all the great photos. Ya'll did GOOD!

allhorsestuff said...

Roxie kick butt!! I was smiling and giggling with all those fantatically jumped jumps! Loved seeing the air between you and them!
There was a mistake...they gave your ribbon to someone else!

Your Cooler is perfectly ROXIE!
And your mom and yours butts while she oved on my fav picture..adorable!
And then, to go see that handsome Jasper horse's place again...doing all his routine stuff with him through the countryside! WOWSA!
YOU live the life Rox!

Wa mare~

Hurricanes12 said...

Roxie you are so cute and pretty, Oscar saw you're picture and has a little crush on you. He says you are the best Roxie.

kbryan said...

What a great post. I loved all the photos. You and Roxie looked just awesome! Those jumps look so effortless for her, and it was fun seeing her "Roxie Style" jumping. Ya'll did good!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Haha Roxie you are very funny and very cute! What a big jump you have! :)