Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sad Horse :(

Mom coms to my Horse House.  It is pritty early inna morning and I has just finished a Roxie Roll.

This is a Roxie Spa Treetmint but Mom is like "OMG BAD" an puts me in a Roxie trailur anyway even though it is RAINING.

We goes for a little bit an then coms out at a Deep Creek place again.  It is still raining.

This Deep Creek place is no big deel when I goes before but this time it is SO EXCITING.

There is horses an trailurs EVERYWHERE!  In the RAIN!


Mom is like "grrrr, Roxies must go onna lunge line."

So I does!  I goes an lunges.  In the rain.

And I is all LOOKLOOKBUCKLOOKBOUNCELOOKLOOKYELLHOLLERLOOKWHEEROXIEEEEEEEEEEWHOOPS*THUD* an I slipps an falls on my Roxie buttocksie, then all the way down on my Roxie side an my Answer saddul.

Mom is all "are you ok, Roxie?  YOU BIG DUMB IDIOT HORSE!" I is OK, but I is all embaressed.  I gets up an makes a super sad face an I walks onna lunge like a good girl.

Seriosly, you guys.  I looks super pityful.

Then we has to go to dressahzj an i has a dirty saddul an pad an a girth full of grasses.  All the people an there horses laffs at me. :(

The dressahzj is on wet grasses too.  We goes in to be pritty for the judge and Mom is like "Roxie you must canner" and I is all "Mom I is scared" and Mom is all "I is scared too.  Scared your big dumb slippy butt is gonna fall again an kill me.  Now CANNER."  And she jabs me with spurs so I canners but I is SOOPER CAREFUL.  We does not slip or fall but we is too careful an the judge tells us there is "more energy needed."

Mom is like "Watever.  Let us go jomp."

So we goes to do jomping.  It has stopped with raining at this point.  Jomping is dryer an better footings but is still lumpy.  I has a couple of MINOR Roxie stumbles in jomping warm-up an Mom yells at me and says bad words!  D:

Then she is all "Roxie you is not allowed to jomp real fences at this jomp party.  You must only canner tiny ground poles."  And I has a Roxie sad.  An Mom also has a Roxie sad.  :(

We is both Sad Horse.

But any ways.  We goes an jomps an the fences is SO TINEY AN LAME.  But I gets to go into watters so this is fun. :)
Meeeeeegan's mom takes a Roxie video!  So there is video.

Heer is some picsures, taken by a Bobby man who is very much an artist:

There is no Roxie ribbins for this show.  Or the last show we goed to eether, now that I think abowt it. :(



Cactus Jack Splash said...

It is good you did not hurt yourself when you fell.
The DOR is always telling me not to be goofing around on wet grass. She is worried I will have another bad accident.
You may not have won a ribbon, but you always win my heart.
Cactus Jack Splash

Dreaming said...

Oh no... you made me cry. Now I'm sad, too!
So glad you were OK after your fall. That's scary. Doc did that in the snow one time. I felt sad for him.
Lovely videos and LOVE the pink bell boots!

Anonymous said...

OMG. I love you, Roxie! Don't be depressed, be awesome.
love, marissa

Terry said...

Roxie, you are adorable!

Alison said...

Oh my, I would have been scared too, if I'd seen you fall! I'm glad you got to have some fun tromping through the waters, though. I think it's more important that you were safe and ok than those ribbons. I hope you have a better experience next time...and at least you find that Bobby guy. He knows how to make a Roxie look purty!

Reveille and Rinsie said...

Reveille would like you to know that she has slipped and fallen at a derby too, also on a longe line. Roxies are not alone -- Reveilles do it too. And in Idaho! There are TWO other horses in Idaho! Not just Izzy, who is now Cuna, but Reveille too!

Glad you're doing okay after your tumble. It's been pretty wet out here lately, hasn't it?

Roxie said...

Thank you for all the nice words an things. :)
Mom made sure I was a OK Roxie an she has evun jomped me some more times since this fall thing. So I guess we is good again.

kbryan said...

You guys look awesome, a little dirt doesn't count for nuthin. Those photos were really cool too. No more sad horse or sad Mom! You is perfeck!

Lynette said...

Roxie, it is embarrassing, we all know. But nobody's perfect - and you didn't get hurt. You are beautiful, and I'm glad it's all over. Please be a happy Roxie again.

Anonymous said...

Roxie you are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Love the page.I would like to use the sad horse picture for my website. Did you take the picture? If so can we use it? If you didn't did you get premission from the person who did?

Serena said...

Not sure which pic you are referring to but the images in this particular blog entry that I didn't take on my own camera or that came from the professional photographer were found using a Google image search. I don't remember a whole lot from my Mass Media Law class in college but i think if you intend to use an image for commercial purposes, you are best off paying a professional to take a photo, or purchasing the rights to use a stock photo from a website like or Getty. I'm *probably* safe using stuff I find on Google because this blog is not a money-making vehicle, but a business website would be considered commercial use.