Monday, July 23, 2012

Hello Clovers

Why, hello, clovers.

We meet again.

It is your own faults for being good tasting.

You cannot hide frum a Roxie.

Not evun under this trailur.


Jeni said...

Roxie you don't get slobbers from clovers? You're a lucky girl!

Serena said...

LOL we don't really get slobbers in this part of the world because it's too windy and dry here for the fungus to grow. :)

BeautyVenusDancer said...

Yummy! I used to live in a field with lots of clovers, but me and my horse friends eated them all. So now we just have grass nubs to nibble!

PS you, Roxie, inspired me to get my human to write a blog for me!