Saturday, September 22, 2012

There IS a show coming up!

Or. Ther was a show coming up.  Now it is over.
But let us let a Roxie back up.
So a wile back, Mom brings me to her Human House again for more jomping.  She appurently feels a need to be shure I knows how to jomp.
So this time, she has built all sorts of fenses.
Ther is a course walk.  Mom cannut LOCATE the course walk on her compooter cuz of her Mom dum-ness.
So heer is a link to a video insted:

So anyways.  I does jomping, an I proves that I is reddy.

Then i gets a WHOLE WEEK OFF.  I is all, "Hooray!" I gets GRAINS, an APPELS.  Life is rad.

But then I has to gets in a trailur, an be there for lieke 4 whole hours.

I gets SO TIRED of being inna trailur.  An it smells smoky, an I gets kinda scared.

But evenshually.  We gets to a show place. I is rided in show things for TWO whole DAYS.

I has to live in a plastic stall.  Mom takes me out a lot though so it's not super bad.

Som times, wen I comes out of plastic Roxie stall, i gets a saddul on.  Some times this is for a dressahzj class, an som times this is for a jomping class.

Heer is me hanging out in my plastic Roxie stall.  I is waiting for a jomp class.

Heer is som shots from dressahzj classes.

It is nice of thees people to salute a Roxie.


Heer is Mom being all "Roxie, come back frum Free Walk." An I is all "NO, I DON'T WANNA! It is MY Big Giant Head!"


'member how Mom wants me to trot bigger?  Heer is me trying my Roxie best. 


Heer is picshures of me halting, or just having fun:

Mom loves this big Clyde Dale horse an is watching the heck outta him.

Free walkin!

Heer is me doing jompings.  Som times this is stadium jompings an som times this is xc jompings:

I wants to go jomp a green oxer back wards an Mom is all "NO Roxie, we goes over this way an does a Ameracan Flag fense."

Right after this little black-an-white fense, I is all "we is turning right!" an Mom is all "No, we is turning LEFT" an I does the BIGGEST and BEST Roxie flying change!

There is no videos of this, which is good. No proofs.

There is lots of hills on this xc corse.  STEEP hills.  Heer is a hill video.

I do pretty good on thees hills the first day.  I do EXCELLENT on these hills the next day an I gets a big red ribbin cuz I is so much more faster.  

Mom is super Prowd of a Roxie. :)

Then I goes home!  An i gets grains, an Nice appel bars, an treets that I (Roxie) wins, an appels, and I gets ALL the carrits.  

Oh.  I also wins gray polo raps.  But thees is not as cool as carrits and treets.



Alanna said...

Well done Roxie!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Grand job Roxie

Lisa said...

Way to go Roxie!!!!

Mrs Mom said...

I gotta tell you Roxie, you're an awesome, incredible, beautiful, fun, fantastic girl, and I am really really glad your Mom shares you with us so often!

Keep rockin it, wonder-mare!

Funder said...

LOL well done! I imagine this is how Dixie feels about her career too - "I had to ride in a trailer, then there was GRAIN and APPLES, then I had to trot all day, but then there was MORE GRAIN." You looked faboo, Roxie!

Andrea said...

Grand Roxie!!

kbryan said...

You and your humanz look awesome! You are training her very well (keep working on hiding those flying changes). You sure dosz deserve all those treets and more! Keep up the good work (but not too much. . .).