Monday, October 8, 2012

3 Faze

Mom an me goes to a 3 Faze show.

This is what it is called when you get rided THREE times, an it does not faze you.

The first ride is a dressahzj thing.

I is a good, perfickt Roxie.  As always.  Mom messes up our dressahzj.  This is also as always.

I is beeyoutiful tho.  Lookit.


Show time:

Mom thotfully up-lodes a video with the mess-up (HER Mom mess-up) removed.  Heer:

Then I goes to a big nice Roxie stall an rests for a while.

Then, the next faze is xc jomping.  I jomps all the things.  There is lots of things.  There is log things, an a tiger trap thing, an ramp things, an a table top.  An I goes through waters, an up and down a little bank, and up an down a Big HUGE Bank that is very steep.  An I gallops SO FAST.  All the peoples at the show is all "ooh Roxie, you looks like FUN when you goes so fast!" An I is all "Roxies is ALWAYS fun."  Yeah.

Then I rests again!

An then the third faze is jomping in a areena with lots of people watching you an clapping when you jomp all the things an you do so good.  

Mom is so happie an PROUD of me, Roxie.  Fist pump! :)

There is pro picsure people there.  So perhaps there is Pro Roxie Picsures but I is not sure yet.

An there is a YELLO ribbin!  Yay for yello!

So in conclusiun.  Nothing fazes a Roxie.


Anonymous said...

Roxie you a rox star!

Alanna said...

Well done Roxie! You are awesome.

Breathe said...

Holy leapin' Roxie! Congrats, yellow is mellow, perfect when you are not fazed.

SmartAlex said...

Beautiful Roxy!

kbryan said...

Oh my word! Roxie, you is beyond awesome - you look so gorjous in all those fotos. I know your human needz work, you just have to be paychent. . . And, of course, not let her know just how really good YOU are cause you dont want to overwork yourself (ever). Is that an extended trot I see? I think all the other horses must get real nerverz when they see you cause it is so obvius that you are a REAL athlete. Keep it up! We are all real proud of you (and your human too!).

allhorsestuff said...

I just love you Roxie!! So beautiful and athletic!
Good job both of you!!!

Christine said...

Roxie, you do indeed look great! And your canter looks so comfortable!

Great job! :) Congrats to you and your mum!

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Congrats Roxie n human! You both look lovely. I adore your description of three fazes! I will share that with my students who are sometimes fazed by their trials. You are a great inspiration for our nonTB athletes. We knew how braves you are from the mounted shooting... Now all this stylish jomping n dresssahzj. You rox!

Roxie said...

Aw. :] Thank yoo all!

Anonymous said...

Roxie, Reading your blogs always makes me happy. You have a very clever mother and you are a beautiful horsie. Keep up the bloggin. Mary Kane