Friday, May 10, 2013

I gets a OLD MAN

So. the first night I is home. I is all by my lonesome.
There is no other horses around to look at, and this makes me a sad Roxie.
But then. My trailur leaves an I is not innit.  I knows what THIS means.
Espeshully when it coms back.  I runs arownd like a wild Roxie.

I is Roxie running! Way over on the left there. 

Trot trot trot

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy


This is a Old Man Horse. His name is Prince.

He's all "whoa dood. Grasses!"

Prince used to be a big-time Show Horse. Now he is a big time Retired Horse an he is my buddy. :)

I'm all "C'mere! Be my Roxie frend!"


"Come HEER!"

Then we gets down to the bizness of graezing.

And the bizness of sleeping inna Sleepy Corner.

Evryone say hi to Prince! 


cdncowgirl said...

So glad you have a friend now at your new house, no horses should live alone!

EvenSong said...

Boy, Roxie. You is the specialist horse! For your Mommy to bring you your own Old Man Horse for you to play wit. That is very sweet of her.
Don't forget to wish her a happy mother's day! She is a good Mommy.

Camryn said...

I'm way jealous. We'll be moving this summer & my new friends will be neighbor Donkey's. I want an Old Man Horse of my own too!

kbryan said...

Tell us more about your Old Man. He may be old, but he sure looks handsome. Yea for Roxie, you deserve all the royal treatment that you get!