Tuesday, January 28, 2014


"Work" is a rellative term wen it is cold out side.

There is only so much work you can do wen your ground is cold an freezy-hard.


Mom does things at a walk tho. Bendies and leg yeelds an side passes an som turns and wat ever.

We also works on square halting. I does not get this. I preefers to trail a Roxie back leggy.

Like so:

 Flash back. This picsure is old but i ashure you my teckneek is still the same.

So Mom gets off of my back an we works on it onna ground.

I pertend not to unnerstand. But then. Mom is done with you an she goes to make your graim. Then you stands SO GOOD and square-ish, all on your own, on freezy grownd, in order to get your graims.


SillyPony said...

Roxie, you'll need to explain to the lady that your pose is called the "bevel" and it is practiced by The Rockettes, models and famous people who want to appear more slender in photos. She will understand.

Alicia said...

Just tell your mom you needed some time to think about standing square. It finally sunk in around dinner time.