Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holy wind storms

We gets a crazy wind storm heer last week. Mom says the wind blows wer SEVINTY FIVE miles a hour.

Heer is videos of this. My willa tree is all BLOW BLOW BLOW. But you can sees in the left of the video that me an Trixie is blown up against our horse fense, but otherwise this is no big deel.

Heer is a picsure for those of you who is anti-video. Normallee that big tree holds still.

Anyways. I lives! An everything is cool. Donut worry about me. We had to live in the darks for a few days but that is all.

Altho. The air plame thing that Mom's Matt flies. It did not do so well as I did in the storm. That is kina sad.

At least little baby horse helps with tree part cleen-up at our Horse house after words.


kbryan said...

Whoa! That was a crazy storm. Soooo glad that Roxie did not blow away! Sorry to hear about the plane, but glad to hear that all are OK.

Aoife said...

I have just found your blog & love Roxie-horse already, I cannot wait to follow your adventures. :)