Friday, October 2, 2015

Wesstern dressahzj Part 1

So, wen last you saw a Roxie. I wuz nursing my neck-hole. Mom gives me wonder drogs in GRAIN FOODS so i eets them in grain and the best part of that is that I get less itchy and also is how i get grain foods.

Anyhoo. My neck hole heals up an mom decides i may be seen in public again.

So we goes and does wesstern dressahzj. This is like normal dressahzj except for it is better. It is better in these ways:

1) Mom does not yell at me for snotting on her wite pants

2) i may wear a fancie saddle blanket

3) My reins can be more looser! Hooray!

4) Ther is no need for braidings.

5) Mom is not all "NAGGY kicky nag nag Roxie go fastur and moves your feets and trot harder and be better" all the time. It is more "ima sit here and let you flop around at a Roxie jog."


So anyways. We goes to a trainer and does some practicing.

Mom is trying to figure out which of my many Roxie bridles to use. Wesstern dressahzj allows curb bits, and these curbs does help my Roxie flexings. 

Ultimately mom deecides to ride me in a Roxie snaffle. This is good becuz it is much more easier for me to ignore a snaffle and go where i want to go.

Anyways. Next post: Show time!


Sarah said...

Roxy's description of regular dressage made me LOL.

EvenSong said...

You need to post the link to FB, Serena, so I can share with my E-burg WD folks!

SprinklerBandit said...

Western Roxie is so cute!

kbryan said...

So glad to hear that you are better. Grains is good!

I think Western Dressage really suits you, and that I love your turquoise saddle blanket. That color suits you, but then ALL colors suit Roxie!