Thursday, June 2, 2016

More compatition but it is a show this time

I did a Roxie show!

The nice thing about this sort of compatition is that I is not compeeting with a teeny red baby. She has to get braided and do Wite Pants Dressahj.

Roxies do not deel with this nonsense. I gets to look spiff in my wessturn stuff, since it is wessage.

As squar as I gets.

At leest I gets pine needles after.

And, because of bloo ribbin. I also gets grains! I suspeckt I may have been given grains anyway for being such a good forward Roxie.

Oh an this happens. Mom is all "offense?" but I is like "whateverrrrrrrrrrrr."

I gets a relly good score so I is all "Hooray!" and I seriosly hope Mom does not make me go up a notch and do more harder works as a result.


Anonymous said...

Those are very nice comments. I don't like white pants either.

Anonymous said...

She looks good in western tack! As one with a half draft, I agree...I get a lot of "she moves well, for a draft horse/draft cross." Gee...thanks?

SprinklerBandit said...

Make teeny baby do allllll the harder works!

Once Upon an Equine said...

"Wessage". I love that term. My Misty and I did some Wessage summer 2015. Nothing this summer, but we have added a traditional dressage saddle to our tack collection. Hoping to show a little wessage and dressage next summer. You wear both of those saddles well Roxie. P.S. My Misty is Percheron and she too surprises people with her lovely movements. Go drafties!