Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hallo. I is decidin’ that I is gonna make the gesst blog into point-counnerpoint. Because it is my Roxie blog and I can do whatever I want! Ha.
So I go first.

Point: I is Roxie. I is the best horse. Roommate Horse is a mean jerk horse and is not the best. Because I, Roxie, is the best.

Counter-point: Hardly. If you are the best, and it’s ARE, not “is,” then why . . . I’m sorry, I should introduce myself. Hello, readers. My name is NOT Roommate Horse. My name is (drum roll) . . . Marvelina. I’m a lovely Thoroughbred mare and I like to run fast. I am—


. . . I didn’t pick my name. Although I will admit it is a good reason not to allow small children to name their horses. I am 16.1, in my mid-teens, and I am Boss Mare. I am grateful for the opportunity to comment on this blog since it’s all Roxie can babble about lately. I am sick of hearing it actually.

Then don’t do yr gesst blog!

*pins ears*


That’s right.

Anyways, I would love to continue blogging but I am a little sore and tired today due to the fact that I hauled out for a DRESSAGE LESSON BECAUSE ONLY TALENTED HORSES GO TO THE PRETTY BARN AND TALK TO THE TRAINER WOMAN AND GET TO RIDE PAST THE MIRRORS. So I am going to go lay in the sun. Ta ta.

Would you like to offer a counter-point?

. . . . .

You go for lessons ‘cuz you ARE a mean horse and ‘cuz I get to eat food in peace when you go away. Also, I dislikes you.

*ignores, wanders off*


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Anonymous said...

give her hell, Roxie!