Monday, May 12, 2008

I Goed On A Trail Ride

Liek my title sayz, I goed on a Trail Ride! This is a fun thing. Here is the storie:

Erly in the mornin’ on Sadurday, Mom and her frend come to my horse house. They givded us grain foods and put me and Roommate Horse Marvy in the trailur with hay. We ride in the trailur and eat foods for a long time. After this long time we stop at a place wher it smells dry an theres no trees. I think I rememmer this place from a while back.

Mom and her frend unloads us and puts saddles on us. Here is a picsure of us with saddles on. I is teh cute one. Not the blak one.

Here is me with Mom’s frend. Her naem is Tie-Ann. Or mebbe it is TyAnne. Iuhno.

Tie-Ann rided me, Roxie! I like Tie-Ann cuz she lets me eat grass foods somtimes.

Mom rided Roommate Horse. I is guessin’ this is cuz Roommate Horse is a mean jerk and needs someone to also be a mean jerk. Mom can be a mean jerk person. Somtimes she an Roommate Horse have Struggles but ive never seen Mom lose a Struggle yet. She is tuff, for a human person. It is funnie to watch Boss Mare get bossed.

Here is us eatin grass foods.

Heer is Mom on Roommate Horse. I is embaressed to bee seen neer those leg-boots she has.

I nveer thot I wud say this but I is glad Roommate Horse is along for the ride. Is nice to have cumpany and not be alone.

Here is me an Tie-Ann soem more. I is the Good Horse and I carrys the Bag Of Foods And Lemonades on my saddle. Yup.

Mom sez to ride a draft cuz it makes yr butt look small.

Here is me, Roxie, some more. This trail is a nice trail. Kinda longish tho.

Ther is nothin’ scarey on this trail excep when these weerd horses come running-walking up behind us! I don’ know whut ther problem is. They cannot trot, just running-walk like they is hurt or somthin. Mebbe these is Tenissy Wahkers. I haev herd of Tenissy Wahkers but not seen ‘em. I get scared of these, exspecially when the guy with the foot jingle things runned up behind me. I moves over reel quick for Foot Jingle Guy and his weerd swety Wahker horse. Roommate Horse haets these weerd horses too so it is not just me, Roxie, who is imagining things.

Then we goed back in the trailur and goed back home! And ther was dinner at home! Whoot!

This day is a nice day.


kerrie said...

Wow! I just checked in Roxie and it looks like you went on a great trail ride! Loved the pics! It's nice that you're such a good girl your mom's friends can even ride you! Ask your mom where you went. I wanna know cuz it looks like it was a great place to ride! Kerrie

Albigears said...

Yep, I went on this ride too. Mom did not understand that it was a race and we were SUPPOSED to pass all those horses. Mom found out I didn't really want to just canter and how hard it is to slow down a galloping 1400 pound tank with a snaffle bit. Heh heh heh.