Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Som Peepul

Som peepul think it is OK to com and watch you in the areena and call you a boy and say “he is kyooot!” and keep sayin it evun after Mom tells them I is a Great Big Girl.
Heer is the storie.
So Mom is limpin BAD this tiem and I don’ think soffball is anythin' to do with it. She can’t much straiten her leg or bend it too far and it looks reel hurty. So I decided to be a Good Girl.
So she burshded me. I am sheddin LOTS right now. :) Soon it will be winnertime and I will be all brown agin and get to wear my bloo sheet. Anyways, mom brushded me an picked my hooves and put green leg things on my front legs so I wuld look like a Real Horse In Training. An she brushded out my foreloxie too. And then she saddled me with my Answer and my favorit pink saddul pad.
So we go to the indoor areena. Mom had me run a round a little to blow off steem as if I ever get steem. I is Roxie! Roxies don’t steem. So I did that and then I stood good next to the step stool an somhow she got on me. She had a whappin thing (no wip, hooray!) so I just decided to be good and go forward when Mom wanted forward. An she never even whapped me! Hooray! I must rememmer this, that I don’ get whapped if I just do what is asked of me, Roxie.
So anyways. I is pinging around the areena and mom is giving me loose rains and we trotted over a pole and it was fun. :)
An then we wuz doing a thing where I wuld trot an mom wuld post and then she wuld sit and I wuld do a little sirrcle and then when the sirrcle was done we wuld post-trot som more. It wuz fun and I was doing it so good! An then I see a girl watchin us. I di'int no her, I has never seen her before in my barn. But she starts sayeing things like, “He is so kyooot! What is he?” an I FELT Mom pin her eers as she was riding me! It wuz funnie.
SO Mom rided me over there an explainded that I is a girl Percheron mix horse, an that I is Roxie. And this girl starts blabbering abowt how she rides “dressage” as if that is even reelly a word an how she was a Junyor Olympeean and how she culd tell that Mom wuz riding me wrong! She sed there was somthing wrong with me cuz I didn’ wanna bend left and that Mom shuld have TIGHT RAINS on my mouf! :( And then she sed she was a Junyor Olympeean again and she rided in a place called Jermanie an she had a fancy Jerman saddul an Mom shuld ride me in that in stead of my Answer! An then she started tellin Mom that her leg was all wrong, an that she shuld know cuz she iz a Junyor Olympeean. Mom looked at her an sed “Um, I blew my Aay-Cee-Ell last week” but this “dressage” girl kep talkin an offered to give Mom “poinners” on her posishun! An then she calld me a boy agin!! I startded to get offended cuz I think Mom does just fine espeshully bein broken right now and exspeshully by not havin tight rains. Mom tryed to explane that I is a baby still and just lerning stuff but this girl wasnt a listeny sort of person so I was only too happy to trot away when Mom asked me to.
I was annoyed. But then I got som grain foods and a bunch of “good girl”s an so I pretty much fergot. Except for now, cuz i has to blog abowt it now.
Mom wuz chukkeling about this stuff later to a girl named Lee-uh who is the temperarie replacement for Hay Lady. Mom didn’t seem to offended. She thinks the girl was tryeing to be nice, altho she called the girl a DQ and I don’ know whut that is. Mebbe it is somthing bad.
Some peepul!


Leah Fry said...

Roxie, I hope you will forgive an impertinent question: since you are at least part Percheron, you must be a (ahem) big girl. Big but BYOOTEEFUL, of course. I know it's impolite to ask a lady about her size, but if you don't mind, could you tell me what width bit you use? I was just wondering if your Mom had as much trouble finding one for you as I have had finding one to fit my Pokey pony.
Poco's Mom

cdncowgirl said...

Roxie some people think they should help everyone. They think they know everything.
These people can be quite annoying. Glad your mom didn't let it get to her :)

Mrs Mom said...

Pretty funny how someone who is supposed to be a top level rider does not know the difference between a beautiful lady and a handsome gentleman.

Makes ME wonder Roxie, just how much she might know--- or not? ;)

I hope you get more grain Roxie, and be sure to keep taking such excellent care of your broken Mom!

My name is Roxie said...

I is SUCH a Good Girl latelee. :)
Lee-uh Fry, my bit size depens on the sort of bit it is. My kurb bit for wessturn riding is 6.5 inchez an my snaffulz (i has a Dee and a O) are 7 inchez. Mom got them from the innerweb at drafttack.com. Mebbe i shud post abowt my bits!

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, you are a dignified, beautiful, big girl. That is quite the story you had to tell!
Keep up your good work!
Janet & Shiloh

Leah Fry said...

Why thank you, Roxie! I will check it out. And I, for one, would love to hear about your tack, since I have a part Percheron also. He really is a boy, though and no one mistakes him for a girl.

c2b said...

Hello Roxie, I am Zoe a Dales pony from the UK. Don't you just love it when humans go on about how good they can ride then as soon as they get on a horse we show 'em how they can't? I have a saying. My human only does as well as she does because I look after her. I have taught her lots. She is very stroppy though and likes to argue.
I look forward to reading your blog.

kerrie said...

I'm so glad you're being such a good girl for your mom, Roxie! Don't let that know-it-all kind of person get to you. Your mom is right that you're still just a youngster and are doing super duper terrific for your age! Peepuls need to mind their own bizznuss! I'm glad you got lots of grain. Keep taking good care of your mom! Love you lots!

Albigears said...

Ha ha, it would be funny to see this Olympian go for a ride on you. Any bets as to how she would do? My guess is you would call her bluff and she wouldn't be able to get you to move without a whapper.

20 meter circle of life said...

OHHH Roxie I just found you!! You are indeed lovely and I love your blog. Great Blog---Good Job ROxie Girl