Friday, December 5, 2008

I givvded an other lessin!

This tiem i is teeching a GURL!

Frum whut i can unnerstand this girl is Marissa an she is my Mom's sister. They has the same sire and dam as eech other. This girl is a little tiny person and she LOVDED me. She brushed and brushed me an telld me how pritty I, Roxie, is. an i mugged on her for treets but Mom sed no. :-(


An then she gets on an rides me! She knows to sit up an look wher she is goin, wich is nice cuz it is a hard thing for me, Roxie, to teech.


she is funnie. She wants to go fast all the time an Mom is like, "whutever, go ahed and try!" So i trottded arownd some but only after tiny Marissa person whapped me with the reins. She wuz a little floppy on me but reelly not too bad, she is a tiny persin so it doesn't matter wen she bownces. I think the stirops were too long for her cuz she is small. Mebbe next time Mom will use a diffrint saddul.

Marissa THANKDED me, Roxie, after she rided me. this is novel. Mom nevur thanks me. >:(


I is a good teechur.



Leah Fry said...

Roxie, you are a gem and your mama is very lucky to have you.

dp said...

It appears as though you, Roxie, has a beard. Did it come with your puffy fashion coat?

My name is Roxie said...

Thanks, Lee-uh Fry! You always maek me feel speshul.
an yes, Pengwin, i has a beerd. I no it is not very girlish of me but my chin gets so cold withowt it. It goez away in the spring tiem. Somtimes mom helps it go away, with sizzers.

kerrie said...

You're such a good girl, Roxie! Letting little bitty Marissa ride you and being so kind to her! She looks like a tiny peanut on great big you. I bet your mom was happy to have her sister visit. And I'm sure Marissa loves Roxie with her beeoootiful puffy fashion coat!

Anonymous said...

Dear Roxie,
Thank you so much for your patience with me. You and your mom make a very good team, even for slow learners like me. I hope we can have another lesson soon, and maybe I can convince your mom to let me bring you some treats! You are beautiful and I will always loveded you.

allhorsestuff said...

sweet horsey!
Thanks for visiting my horseface blog!
Be back to read from ya Roxie!
WA Mare w/Kacy

cdncowgirl said...

Roxie your mom may not say the words thank you to you but she does thank you.
She does it by loving you and giving you a good home and good horse foods.
There are many horses out there who don't have owners that do that for them... it is sad but it is true.

As for your beard, my mare Cessa gets a winter beard too. I think it is to keep her little chin warm too!

My name is Roxie said...

aww, i guess mebbe Mom DOES thank me. with grain foods.