Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ther was somethin' diffrint abowt the areena yesserday morning.

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That wuzn't there last tiem i rememmer.

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Oh wells.

I got to walk on a brij. I don't fit so much on the brij. Somtimes i walks across it good an somtimes i purtend i cannot walk on it an i goes off the side! Ha ha ha!

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Heer is a picsure of me on the brij. i ackshully walked all the way across it a bunch of times wen Mom was riding me but ther was no peepul arownd to take flash box picsures of that.

An in the comments, Cactus Jack Splash sed that his persin is calld a Dope on a Rope cuz of the leed rope. Well I must menshun that somtimes my Dope wanders off an leaves me my own rope all to myself.

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Also ther is patches of hair missin frum my Roxie faece. I know how this came to happun but I is not going to tell you all about it.

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Funder said...

Roxie, you're adorably fuzzy! You look like a completely different horse with your winter fluff on.

I think you got in a fight! :o I hope the other guy looks worse than you.

dp said...

I think roommate horse has something to do with these patches. We know from previous posts that she can be quite bitey.

My name is Roxie said...

HA HA! I figgered owt a better way to post my picsures!
Oh an DP, you miiiiiiiight be correckt. I has white Appy-lookin spots on my Roxie Buttocksie for the same reeson.

Andrea said...

HAHAHA your Roxie Buttocksie! Okay wow, after a REALLY long day I sat here for like 5 minutes and just cracked up at that.

Albigears said...

Um, nice form on the bridge.
Did your arena flood?

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Nice going over the bridge. If the DOR left me with my own lead rope I would probably take myself for a walk to the nearest stash of Freedom's senior feed.
Hope your arena dries out soon.

Janet Roper said...

Hi Roxie,

You are quite the lovely model in all those pics. I can't say which one is my favorite!

Would you tell your mom, please, that Talk2theAnimals is having a contest to celebrate it's upcoming 1 year birthday on 2/19. The contest is "How I Use Animal Communication with Animals" and I'm guessing that you have taught your mom lots of stuff about that! Details are on the blog.

Thanks for passing it on,

cdncowgirl said...

I also thinks it looks like Roommate horse was being rude and bitey again.

Andrea- maybe its the cold meds but 'roxie buttocksie' cracked me up to :)

My name is Roxie said...

Ther is a pipe of som kind under the areena an i think it broked. This is probobly 'cuz of somthing Roommate Horse did. >:(

I like maekin words ryme with Roxie.

BritnieAnn said...

HAHA I love this blog, Roxie you are hysterical! Love the pics :)

Polka Dot Ponies said...

I love this blog as well. It always cheers me up if I have had a rough day. Thanks for that Roxie!!

dp said...

Are all those spot on your buttocksie from Roommate Horse?!?

My name is Roxie said...

Thank yous for all the blog lovvin'!

Yes, alla the spots on my Roxie buttocksie are frum Roommate Horse. :( Although som of them are kind of old, an i got them wen my Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat was growin in and i got bitded at just the rite time.

Roommate Horse is still a mean jerk. >:(

Anonymous said...

Roxie, you strike me as wonderfully Buddhist. Your roommate does not.

My name is Roxie said...

Ackshully I is seeking the Tao. But Buddhism seems nice too, that fat guy looks perty happie.