Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Other traels

So i gess Mom goed to a plaece wher there is traels. This place is calld . . . um . . . Oz-trael-a?
I gess ther is no horses there tho. Humins must walk traels on there OWN.
But anyhoo. I getted to hang out for som time and NOT be rode, an this is nice. She is bakc though, an talkin abowt starting Lessins agin. >:(
I wuld post flash box picshures of my Roxie self but i is sheddin an i look funky. Like parts of me is black an parts has long white hairs and som parts is ROAN, which is whut I, Roxie, really is.


Albigears said...

Oh the horrors- WALKING down a trail without a horse!

Tell your mom I'm glad she's back and she should come out to PFEC this Saturday and laugh at Megan and Janaira trying to take their baby horses into a dressage class.

c2b said...

Roxy I bet you look fab no matter what your coat is doing.
My human does that walking out without a horse thing too. She usually takes her hounds with her instead. They are not as well behaved as me though.
My human is going away soon. I am pleased to hear you weren't traumatised by not having your own human around. I hope I will be ok.

My name is Roxie said...

Not haveing a humin is AWESOME! Excep there is no one to give you grain foods. :(

Janet Roper said...

Roxie, you are big and beautiful, no matter what stage you are in your shedding!
Janet & Shiloh

Anonymous said...

Well please post some pics of your Roxie self when you're all shedded out :)