Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Did you guys know that it is possibul to go on trael rides all by your own Roxie self?
I did not know this.
Ther is traels behind the barn an i has been exploring them. I haev been allowing Mom to ride along cuz she givved me grain foods and Good Girls an so i forgivved her for the vet laydee and the violayshuns of my Roxie mouf. We horses is purty likelee to forgive. We is good at it. But we do NOT forgit! >:(
Anyhoo, yeah. Ther is a rode, and i walks down it. And ther is a field, and i walks in it. An i think ther is trees too but i hasn't gone ther yet. Mom dusn't haev too much tiem latelee.
Whut is "moving?" An why duz it make humin backs hurt?


Leah Fry said...

Roxie, I'm glad to hear you forgave your mom. You still need to cut her some slack. Moving is so NOT fun.

Albigears said...

Yay! First trail rides alone are the BEST!!!

...and moving sucks. period.

Andrea said...

Rozie, moving is when humans move from one big stall to some other big stall somewhere else, with all their human stuff. Is your human moving far? Let's hope not, or else your Roxie self might be moving too.

c2b said...

Well done Roxie. You are very brave. Lots of horses are scared of going out with just a human and no other horses. Now you have to work as a team. Humans generally have appalling hearing so you need to be the ears for both of you. Humans however understand things that are scary. If your human says it's not scary it wont be. It's ok to question your human though if you are not sure about something.

My name is Roxie said...

Ok, that is good to kno. I don' think I, Roxie, is movving. My trailur is still neer my Horse House an my tacks is all wher they be-long.
It is also good to know that i can queshtiun on the traels. I was queshtiuning abowt these pipey things, an these big white flapper signs. But i walked passed them cuz I, Roxie, is a Good Girl.

fernvalley01 said...

Roxie ,you do sound loike avery good girl!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Glad you are having fun on the trails. You are probably having more fun because your teeth aren't bothering you.
My DOR has sent me to "trail savvy" school, I am in the mountains exploring.

deborah said...

You a very good girl Roxie, and I love to read your postings. I live in the UK, and I would love a horse like you, full o fun and character, but instead I got a mini donkey, saved from a meat farm in France. Her name is Dotty and although she is small, she has a fun charcter just like you. Keep us posted on your trail rides xxx

Janet Roper said...

Hi Roxie,
What a brave girl to go on a trail ride! I will make sure to tell Shiloh how brave you are.
Janet & Shiloh