Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bloo Sheet

I luvs my Roxie bloo sheet.

I luvs it.

It is a classic peece of fashun.

I will never gets rid of this.

Today mom is all “Roxie you need a new sheet” an I is all “NO NEVER I LUVS MY BLOO SHEET AN WILL NOT EVER GIVE IT UP” and then mom is all “Roxie your bloo sheet has patches and leeks and your butt gets wet when it rains.” And I is all “I DON’T CARE, I LUVS MY BLOO SHEET.” An then she is all “Well I got you a new sheet” and I is all “. . . I’m lissening.”

So mom gets me a new sheet. It is blak and grey with a formy swoosh design that is slenderizing to a Roxie. And it is a SOOPER ROOMIE CUT in teh sholders!

It is a size NINEDY. An it STILL barely covers a Roxie buttocksie! Ha ha ha!

Check it, it is beeyoutiful.

Fashun is all about trendyness.

So long, bloo sheet!


Breathe said...

Wow. It's bootiful.

EvenSong said...

Size ninety? You's one buxom girl, with a loverly buttocksie!

jenj said...

Roxie, it's great that the other horses can all look to you to set the latest fashion trends!

June said...

Ain' nuthin' wrong with a big ol' Roxie butt.

MARGIE said...

Montana wears a 90!!!!! You two have the same voluptuousness. Very trendy!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Very nice sheet Roxie. My herdmate "Sir Royal Pain" wears a 93. I think it is because he has on overinflated ego

Leah Fry said...

You are a fashion template. A 90 -- WOW.

Bif said...

Lovely. How nice of your human to get you a new item when the old one is no longer as suitable.
Could you have her talk to Mother? This "raspberry purple"-which-is-really-PINK halter has GOT to go. It's an embarrassment for me.


c2b said...

Very nice. You look lovely. I really like the roomy bit by your shoulders. Ones that rub there are so uncomfortable don't you find?
I don't understand your sizing though. 90 what?

allhorsestuff said...

Oou lala Rox!
That is looking so stylin' on you! Fashion is about function too..your mom is good to offer you blu sheet..tis gone!