Monday, September 5, 2011

Up dates

Hallo. So I is still Roxie. But som new things has happund.
Mom has lost her flash box again! So flash box picsures are rare. An the ones I has are bad, a-cuz of Mom's flash-box fone being droppded so offun.
But. Heer is whut is new.
I lives in a new Horse House. It is sooper close to Mom house, so she sees me more! This is good. I gets more treets an grains this way.
I has my very own Roxie barn, with Roxie scritch post, and Roxie paddocksie. I shared this barn with Luke for a wile but then he goed to the passture next to me. An then he is all "ROXIE! ROXIE ROXIE ROXIE ROXIE ROXIEROXIEROXIEROXIEROXIEROXIE!!!!!!!!!!!" an he runs the fense an acts like a dumb. For days an days an days. This maede Mom all >:(
Then he tryed to kick the fense down an he scraped his legs an Mom is like "You are a BAD HORSE and a DOMB HORSE an you must go away." So he goes away.
This is a good thing. He is a Needy Horse an they is annoying.
I sumwhat enjoyed having a frend tho, so Mom has promissed me a little sisster soon! This is also a new thing an shuld be fun. Altho I is NOT sharing Roxie grain foods or Roxie scritch post.
Mom has been bilding me things. She builds me Roxie jomps! An Mom's Matt bilds me Roxie jomp stannerds. This is cool. :)

Mom also bilds me a water mellun pockit for one of my pink Roxie Saddul Pads. This is a treet pockit. Meening i gets treets frum it. Hooray!

I also fineley gets a new Roxie saddul. This one is a much bedder fit on my back than my old jomping saddul. Mom does not liek it as much but my Roxie back is more importent.

Whut I do not liek is that my Roxie buttocksie looks big in it. :(


jenj said...

Wow, Roxie, you are so lucky to have a Mum that makes you water-melon saddle pads! I bet every horse wishes they could have one just like it. Does she keep real water-melons in there or some other treat?

Lynette said...

Hi Roxie! Thanks for letting us know what's going on. I'm sorry Luke didn't work out as your pet horse. I hope he can be happy somewhere else. Can't wait to see who you get for a sister.

Andrea said...

Uh oh Luke is a bad horsey! Did he go away permanently or just go away to somewhere else?

cdncowgirl said...

Roxie you need to read this, and then you will know that big butts are a good thing :)

Cactus Jack Splash said...

You have a lovely buttocksie

Roxie said...

I feel that my awesum buttocksie is awesum. So thank you all for noticin this.
Jen, Mom tryed to give me watter meluns once an I SPIT them out! Ha ha ha! I haete them! So this treet pockit is for little crunch treets frum a store.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg your Mom is BRILL..a treat pocket is awesome on a pad!!!
Where is your brother now?? Or is he a banned brother.

Leah Fry said...

I hope you get a new friend very soon and that Luke finds someone who can meet his "special needs."

Leslie @ Farm Fresh Fun said...

Happy new home Roxie! Hope you have much fun there. Your mom is sure talented and smart to make you such a pretty pretty treat pad. Love those pics of you workin' hard n going forward too. Bet mom gets as much of a workout as you!