Monday, October 3, 2011

Did I forget to menshun that I lives in a new horse house?

Cuz I do. Maybe I DID menshun this. But heer is some picsures.
This is my big back passture. I goes in this somtimes.

I ackshully lived in this big back passture many Roxie yeers ago. Heer is me as a 2-yeer old beebee in it.

Any ways. Back to now-time. This little beebee lives in this back passture. This little beebee is MY beebee. He has a Mom that is a yello color like he is. But he is mine. I is his onnerary Mom.

Heer is my Roxie pen. This is ware i lives for the most part now. It is a big pen with a VERY BITEY electrick fense.

I has this pen all to my Roxie self. Until one day a tiny bloo stranger shows up.

I will deevote a whole nother entry in my Roxie blog to Tiny Bloo Horse.


Lisa said...

Oh Roxie you were such a pretty beebee! It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on right now. Does your yellow beebee have a name?

c2b said...

Top tip: Keep away from trick fencing but you have already worked that out. I hate trick fencing. I don't like it when it bites me. I am sensible and don't go near it so don't really need any trick. That naughty Lu who lives with me needs lots of trick to stop her getting out.
I am pleased you are happy in your new home. Moving house is very stressful.
Love Zoe xx

Once Upon an Equine said...

You were an adorable beebee and I bet you are an awesome onnerary beebee mama.