Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I is a X C Roxie! Again

So Mom coms an puts me in Roxie trailur one day. An we drives for a wile, an then we gets Meegan an Jasper! Jasper goes in my trailur too. He does not interfeer with Roxie Hay Net tho so I allow this.

Heer is me waiting for Jassper to get in alreddy.
Mom sez I is making Llama Face like in som movie.
So any ways. Mom puts Roxie foods in her trock an we drive for EVER. For like 4 hours.

Picshured: Roxie Foods

Then we stop, an Jasper and I comes out of the Roxie trailer in to a Toolip Spring place.

There is LOTS of jomps here! And a man who tells the peeple and the horses whut to go do.

He tells som horses to go jomp BIG fenses. And they DO!

He is a verry nice man. He tells Mom that he will taeke me home with him except that my Roxie size will not fit in his sute case.
Mom an me and Jasper and Jasper's mom Meegan all get our things on an goes to jomp fenses.
Heer is som videos:

Trot warm up with bonus Jasper appearance

I is VERRY EXCITED to see all the grasses and all the jomps! I is a DEMON ROXIE who wants to RUN FAST and JOMP HIGH!
Heer is this, capshured in pix:

Mom: We is coming in too HOT!
Me: Mom, I got this.


Mom: Oh nooooooooooooooo!!!
Me: Pssht. Roxies TAKE CHARGE!

Heer is som more picsures.

I is flying!

Then we is done! Mom an Meegan takes off our sadduls an gives us water an hay an treets. Jasper and me get tucked into paddocks next to eech other, an we goes to sleep.

The next day, Mom an Meegan gets us all dressed for xc jomping.

I is Roxie smiling. :)

Then we goes and does xc jomps!


Heer is me not doing so good getting UP a up-bank. All the peeples an there horses laffed at me.

Then we goes back to paddocks, an got to drink watters and rest. Then we gettded in the trailer and drived home.
The End.


Bif said...

Looks like you and Mom had fun!! Way to go, Roxie!

EvenSong said...

Goodness! I'm going to have to wait 'til after work to watch all those videos! Way to GO, Girls!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Looks like a fun day! Good girl! Roxie likes herself some Frenchie accent encouragement? ;)

Funder said...

That is so totally awesome!

Alanna said...

Wow Roxie. You look great over all those fences. I bet you were tired.

cdncowgirl said...

Sounds like you & your mom went to a clinic. Looked like a lot of fun.
Love the Roxie narration on the pics, could very well be a conversation with me & Applejack heading into the barrels (especially "we're coming in to hot" and "mom I got this" lol

Terry said...

Roxie girl, those are some big fences! You did good!

Roxie said...

I *did* do good! Mom is happie an proud of me. :)

Albigears said...

Falkor the Luckdragon.

kbryan said...

Dang! Roxie, you and your Mom look awesome! You can really fly over those jumps when you want to. And your Mom stuck on your back real good. You are teaching her good. Keep up the good work!