Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Skooling Show!

Mom an me goed to a Skooling Show!

I jomp FENSES, an I win RIBBINS. Meegan an a JASPER is there too! They ALSO win ribbins! Lookit:

I gets red an white ribbins cuz these combine to maeke PINK. An Pink is a Roxie color an is the best color thing.

This show is a fun show. There is lots of horses heer, an lots of weerd fenses to look at. Mom's Matt comes to watch, even.

Heer is a brief video of me doing Roxie jomping! And heer is an other video that is somwhat more embaressing as I donot get a single correckt Roxie lead.

Mom goes thru thees videos an pics about 5 seconds whare I look good. Here these are for you to look at:

An then, wen the show is ended, I goed in a Roxie trailur to go home. I is all riding in my trailur an then there is a loud BANG an Mom is like
slow a trailur down alreddy
an pull it off the rode on to bumpie ground.

I donot know why she chooses to do this.

Although you may know what this meens.

Then we hangs out for a while onna side of a rode, just relaxcing.

Some peoples com to my trailur, an they fiddels around with a thing on the out side of it, an then they leave, an we get going again.

An then I is back at my Roxie horse house, and I gets leg rapped with limament, and I eets ALL the carrots! This is the best part of the hole day. :)


Cactus Jack Splash said...

Well done Roxie

Alanna said...

Great job Roxie! You look very nice over those fences. I'm glad we have been hearing more from you lately. What ever happened to the Blue horse?

Terry said...

Good girl, Roxie! I watched the videos, and you jumped those fences so smoothly! I bet you made your mom proud.

Checkmark115 said...

Nice. Pink is a stellar Roxie color
Once, my trailer blew all 4 tires, that was fun.

EvenSong said...

Hey! Your frontsie feetsies were always on the correct lead! Just gotta teach those back ones to keep up. You sure did a good job of pickin' 'em up, and puttin' 'em down!

Albigears said...

Jasper loves his girlfriend Roxie.

Breathe said...

You rock, Roxie! My trailer did that one time. Except it lost two of those roundly things. Mom was freaked out.

And one time I was in a trailer with another horse and we went waaay past the truck all by ourselves. Bunches of people came that time. They said it was real bad, but we were all fine.

Dreaming said...

Flat tire on the trailer? Scary!

Funder said...

Wooop, go Roxie! Good job staying calm and eating hay during your unscheduled stop on the way home. And you looked so happy to be jomping!