Monday, August 27, 2012


So as you all may know. I, Roxie, attempts to limit how much work that is done by a Roxie.

I duz this by fooling Mom in to thoughts that I cannut do certin things.

I has made a mistaeke tho.

This spring, I allowded a part of a flying leed change to be capshured on camera.

Mom finds this, an she is so excitey, she maede a video.

This video is stupid.  It will meen more works for a Roxie. :(


kbryan said...

Oh it is just impossible to hide how beautiful and talented you are. Go Roxie!

Lisa said...

Doesn't more work mean more Roxie treats? That's a good thing!

Terry said...

Roxie, you are a star!

~Allison said...

Hi Roxie! I am new to your blog, but you sound an awful lot like my mare, Shyloh! She tries all kinds of ways to get out of work, too!