Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spoiled Roxie

I is a Spoiled Roxie.  Mom sez.

She sez this cuz of I gets all sorts of nice things.

I gets to eat nice froot bars.

An I gets to eat TACOS.  Mom sez NO horse ever eets tacos.  But Roxies do.

Heer is me waiting at my Roxie Food Hole.  Walt is waiting too but he gets no good foods.  Somtimes Mom feels sorrie for Walt becuz no one loves him, an she lets him lick the grain food pan.  But that is it.

Also I gets a PINK Roxie-size fly mask frum a blog reader!  It is PINK an has glitter rine stones on it. :)

These is hard to see a-cuz of Mom's bad phone camera.  But they is there.

Thank you for this an for being a Roxie Fan, Whitney!


Zoe said...

You seem surprised you get spoiled. This doesn't surprise me. How could any human not want to spoil you. Love your fly mask.

Alison said...

This is not spoiling. This is normal Roxie treatment. Spoiling would be if mom stood by you all day with a fly-whisk thingy. But then you wouldn't need your bling-bling fly mask, so it's just as well.

Bif said...

Charming =)