Wednesday, February 11, 2015

HA it is SPRING and that meens Roxie Sproings

So, Spring is heer.

Ther is no snow onna ground. This meens it is time for me to reemember how to go on traels.

I is SO GOOD on traels. Except for the first time in the Spring.

You will recall the diffrince between my normal Roxie face an my Spring Time Trael Roxie Face:

Normal Face.

Ever Thing Wants to Eet Roxie Face.

So Mom is proodent an puts my Bob saddul on so she has a handy holder thing.

Do you see that thing on my saddul by my Roxie bridle?

That is a Horn Bag. Mom stuffs this horn bag fulla treets for me. Peppurmints in plastic rappers, mostly.  

. . . 

Theese Horn Bags makes unfamiliar crinkly sounds on my Roxie back.

The results is abowt like you wuld--SHULD--expect:

Mom stays on tho. 

And she is all "well at leest you isn't LAZY COW ROXIE LIKE USUAL" which is not relly very nice.

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Lauren said...

I once tried riding in a new saddle that still had bubble wrap and a tag around the horn, didn't want to mess it up if it didn't work. My horse wasn't happy and we experienced similar results. Survived though!