Sunday, February 15, 2015

More trael amimals

So. After the Sproing Partee last week. I has this out of my Roxie sistem, I is all good on traels again.

So Mom and I goes out to our favrite trael and we goes looking for deers.

We finds TWELVE deers.*

(*ed. note - we found the same 3 deer, four times)

The traels is slippy and muddie and there is some spots of snow and icee stuff still. This causes false alarms of deer spottings becuz snow is white an so is deer bottoms.

But I is sooper good at seeing deers an Mom says i is a Very Good Girl.

Then we goes down one of the traels and I stops. And Mom is all "Steady, girl! Whassa matter? You smell somthing?" which she seemd to think was funnie for some reason.

But yes. As a matter of fact, I DID smell somthing.

So Mom trusts my Roxie Judgment an we turned around. And i sees more deer footy prints! Exsept that theese is HUGE.

And mom is like "uh oh."

And then we come around a corner and see this:

I is all "SCORE, this is a huge Horse-Deer!" but Mom is all "OH HOLY (doots)" and "Hay Roxie let's leave RIGHT NOW."

So i trotted away! Hooray!

So i shuld menshun that theese pics were not taken by us. Becuz of we were too busy bravely runnding away. 

And then later, when I is almost back to Roxie trailur. There is a encounter with a Loud Dog:

He tries to chase my Roxie Greatness, but that does not wurk becuz I just turns around like "Hay, Dog!" and it is all "YIPE YIPE YIPE RETREEEEEEEEEET!" 

So. All in all. A good day for weerd amimals.


Piccolopony said...

You are so brave and fast Roxie to save your mom from that large deer animal!

Lauren said...

I don't know what I (or Charlie) would do if we encountered a moose! Holy moly!

Serena said...

I have had friends get chased by moose on trail rides before, so i treat moose with a LOT of deference! There is no way Rox could outrun one.

Sarah said...

I think I would have a heart attack if I saw a moose while riding! I saw a porcupine once, that is about as adventurous as it gets around here.