Thursday, June 11, 2015

New traels

So. First up on my list of promisses, is trael riding.

Mom and me finds some new traels this spring.

Some times it is just us and some times baby Potato is there too. And some times there is other hoomans along as well.

There is this one, which is pretty much up hills all the time. Potato is leapy and baby-stupid, so this is a good place bc she gets tired evenshually.

We finded baby tortles. 

There is other peeple on this one, including Pam an Meegun. Meegun rides a mini version of my Roxie self. 

I know, right? 

So that is fun. 

There is one time that me an Potato goes to that trael with no other hoomans and it pretty much got dark on us. 

Less fun.

This is a funnie thing tho becuz all the search an rescue people was training an hiking around this trail at the same time. They were all seekritly hoping that we and Mom wuld get lost so they could search an rescue us. Wen we got back to my trailur in the dark, they wuz all still in the parking lot. We walked out of the forest and they was all like "dangit." 

Potato and me also goes to this trail:

And guess what. 

Ther is so many tortles down there. 


So anyways, I has been spending time on traels. I will tell you all of even more traels in later typings.


Tracy - Fly On Over said...

I love tortles too!

SprinklerBandit said...


Every time. Good thing there weren't any tortle attacks.

Lauren said...

Trails are good for the soul. I'm jealous of you getting to explore so many!

Anonymous said...

Trails are my favorites too.