Monday, June 22, 2015

Practising and showing. Part 2: Showing

So finally. It gets to be show time.

I gets in my trailur an goes to the show place. I is assigned a Roxie home wich is kinda a jail cell.

But I is amenable becuz hay, I is Roxie.

And mom takes me out for hours an hours of graezing every day. 

Ther is hunreds and hunreds of peeple an horses here. 

So the first day of the show. We does dressahzj. 

And then the second day. We does show jomping instead of cross counry jomping. 

Then cross counry happens the last day. 

I am sad to reeport that it is relly hard to be in a jail stall for 4 days, and even tho mom does walking and graezing, I did not feel well enough to jomp all the fences on the first try. Mom is VERY ANGRY at me about this an makes me run SO HARD. Running is hard. :(

But, this is ok. We have all lerned a valuble lesson about Roxie in a stall. All the food an leg rapping in the wurld is not enough to make me Roxie comfy.


Ther will perhaps be picsures from video later. Perhaps not. 


Anonymous said...

You're a good sport Roxie. I bet if you remind your mom how cute and pretty you are, she'll stop being mad.

emma said...

that video is awesome - Roxie you're so light on your feet! congrats :)

kbryan said...

Wow! Even though you were basically in jail for a time, you sure did look good. Dressage was elegant, cross-country was thrilling to watch as you flew through the trees (that was hard work, you must have been tired afterward), and your jumping was superb! Roxie is awesome! And Mom not bad either. :)

Tracy - Fly On Over said...

LOVE the pink bell boots. A girl can conquer the world with the right shoes on!!