Sunday, October 21, 2018

Roxie and Frends

So as you all know. My Roxie greatness and agreeable way of being a horse meens that I gets rided a lot by my non-Mom's frends. She is all "Hay Roxie i trust you not to kill my frends OK" and I is all "10-4 I will be good." And then I is good.

So like. As i gets back to work, I host some peoples.

Like Erica the massahje person.

And Sara the other massahje person.

And Caley the trainer woman. Caley rides me at a cross country course and I is all "SWEET LET'S JOMP" but this was just walking around while Caley did Horse Coaching stuff from on me.

Sara does some Roxie jomping tho! But this is a post for a later bloggo.

And I gets all the appels when i is good which, I is always good, so this means tons of appels.

So anyways. I is happie to be in Horse Rotation and getting rided again.

But I still need a name for no-longer-Mom.

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