Sunday, October 21, 2018

Roxie and Frends

So as you all know. My Roxie greatness and agreeable way of being a horse meens that I gets rided a lot by my non-Mom's frends. She is all "Hay Roxie i trust you not to kill my frends OK" and I is all "10-4 I will be good." And then I is good.

So like. As i gets back to work, I host some peoples.

Like Erica the massahje person.

And Sara the other massahje person.

And Caley the trainer woman. Caley rides me at a cross country course and I is all "SWEET LET'S JOMP" but this was just walking around while Caley did Horse Coaching stuff from on me.

Sara does some Roxie jomping tho! But this is a post for a later bloggo.

And I gets all the appels when i is good which, I is always good, so this means tons of appels.

So anyways. I is happie to be in Horse Rotation and getting rided again.

But I still need a name for no-longer-Mom.


kbryan said...

It is just so good of Roxie to train several of her human Mom's (aka Humamma, Mother of Rox) friends. Sounds like she was happy to back to work. Roxie is AWESOME!

EvenSong said...

Yes, No-Longer-Mom is too long, and Nonmom comes out sounding like nom-nom, and I don't think she is wanting to be eaten by you!