Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank U all

Thank U to evryone who gives my Roxie Blog a Roxie award. It is nice that all you peeples likes me, Roxie, as much you do. An as much as I do.
I preefur eeting to bloggin, it is troo.
So heer is a thing for you all. Rememmer back wen Mom had laydees make Roxie model horses?
They is all done. So heer is picsures.
This is the one that is by a Kelly Campbell, Mom finded her on

This one is by a laydee named Claire Reiger:

It is kind of appy-looking a-cuz of she used picsures of me in winner-time when I gets a Appy Butt.

This one is by a laydee named Shelly. She evun makes me a Roxie haltur :)

An this one is by a Meghann:

Thees is all beeyoutiful.
Let mom know if you wants to know how to talk to any of theese laydees about maeking models of YOUR pony-horses.


Checkmark115 said...

How much were they? I would LOVE to make on of my horse!
They did a great job on them :)

allhorsestuff said...

Those are fantastic! are just about as beautiful in sculpture as in real life!

S. Lauren said...

Those are awesome! Do the people who made those for you have a website? I don't have a horse yet but someday in the future I would be interested! :) They did a great job, all of them look like your horse.

cdncowgirl said...

Roxie those are gorgeous statues! Then again the model was gorgeous so that shouldn't be surprising :)

Please ask your mom to e-mail me so I can talk to those artist ladies:
cdncowgirl at

Hurricanes12 said...

aw they are beautiful, you make a gorgeous model roxie! i wish they sold these in nz!

Anonymous said...

Roxie they are purdy! I like the Shelly one the best. My mum has lotsa model ponies, but she hasn't made any of me yet!

Serena said...

Kelly -
Claire -
Shelly - or
Meghann -

davsgirl said...

I had a portrait done of my appaloosa LV (he's in my profile pic) by Meghann Hoscheid (email from Serena's post: and you can see him at her website here:

and a close up of his not-too-spotty butt here:

She is an AMAZING artist, and fantastic to work with. I'm in the middle of discussing another piece with her now, in fact.

Highly recommended!!

Leah Fry said...

Now you're truly Roxie for the ages!

Angelina said...

Hey, Roxie, i really miss reading your Roxie blog! Have you been very busy lately?