Saturday, November 26, 2011


We haev esstablished that Roxies do not like veternary mans, yes?
Well. Mom does not lissen.
Here is a storey.
Sunnday, Mom coms to my horse house an there is a Roxie face lump that was not there Saterday.

She does Mom Freekout an i gets butes in some grain so I is all good. Mom is all "I will watch this to see whut happens."
Then she is all "Is this a in-feckshun or did you get kicked in the mouf?" An i refuses to anser this.
So she keeps with bute-givings (wich is fine a-cuz of they make mole-bottom flavor bute now). But after a few days, Hay Lady is all "Hay Roxie, com get brekkest hay!" an I is all, "whut is the use. Eeting brings pain. I donot care for hays." And Hay Lady note-a-fies Mom an Mom calls a Veternary Man.
So we goes in to a wash rack an I is all "Roxie."

Heer is me.

Then stupid Veternary Man comes an i gets a Roxie shot. An i gets dronk. :(

Hoomans always think this is SO FUNNIE.
Then the Veternary Man proseeds to do AWEFUL things to my Roxie lump.

He stabs it with a NEEDUL to see if it is a absess. It is NOT.

Then he pokers around IN MY LUMP with forseps to see if there is a splinner. There is NOT.


Then he rams my Roxie face open with a speckulum.

Ther is nothing i can do abowt this. Except for plot a Roxie Reevenge.
Veternary Man tells Mom that i was kicked in a Roxie face an my Roxie Tooth ponched thru the side of my mouf. This causes damage an puffiness.

(Go Team Bluey!)

Veternary Man then gives me SO MUCH pain meds an Bananameen tho that i forgets all this. I just kind of stand there an be wobbly an swetty. It is super sads. :'(
Then Mom gives me a somewhat undignified clippy job. This is ALSO super sads.
But, wen enough time has passed that is a Normal Roxie again, I gets grain foods for being a good gurl. An i also gets a new Bloo Sheet, resurreckted in Bloo Blankit form.


I will tell you of Roxie Revenge tomorrow. I getded it. >:]


Alanna said...

My horse has that same blue blanket. It's very pretty on you. I can't wait to hear about your Roxie revenge...

Leah Fry said...

I have the feeling Roxie's Revenge will not be good.

Breathe said...

That's terrible, Roxie! Hope you are feeling better real soon! Can't believe Bloo horse kicked you in the mouth. Maybe you shouldn't bite her on the butt anymore. Some horsies don't like that.

Jeni said...

Oh No Roxie!!! Terrible Veterinary mans! Can't wait to hear your revenge!

Have you tried your new bit? If you did how do you like it?

Dreaming said...

Pippin, here. You poor dear girl. That silly stuff they give you is awful. I hate it. I think I hate more how the hoomans (as you call them) laugh at us. I hope you are feeling better.

Roxie said...

Oh i luvs that bit! I luvs the coppor thingy.

kbryan said...

Oh, poor Roxie, I cry for you. You were soooo mistreated in so many ways, but I'm sure that you must be glad to feel better. Kicked, you got kicked. That is so wrong in so many ways. Maybe you should leave Bloo alone. You deserve lots of grains for sure!