Friday, January 30, 2009

I got a peddacure

Yes I did. My byootiful feets is evun more byootiful than usual now cuz they gettded trimmded and cleanded.
Horse Shoe Man sed so. He sez my feets looks good an he likes them.
Oh, i has a new Horse Shoe Man. Old Horse Shoe Man moved away to a plaice that is more warmer. But I like new Horse Shoe Man an he likes me, Roxie, so it is cool.
Roommate Horse had a absess cuz she is stoopid an meen an i dislike her. So that is whut she diserves.
Ther is no picsures cuz Mom lost her Magic Cord That Puts Flash Box Piscures on the Compooter. Sorrie!

Friday, January 23, 2009


Mom asks me to tell all of you that she is startding her own blog abowt guns and shootin an stuff.
Persinally i think she is jelos of me, Roxie, cuz you all are MY frends. An i don' wanna share!
But you can go look if you want. These are not the types of guns that are shooted off of my bakc in mownted shooting tho.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Ther was somethin' diffrint abowt the areena yesserday morning.

From Blogger Pictures

From Blogger Pictures


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From Blogger Pictures

That wuzn't there last tiem i rememmer.

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Oh wells.

I got to walk on a brij. I don't fit so much on the brij. Somtimes i walks across it good an somtimes i purtend i cannot walk on it an i goes off the side! Ha ha ha!

From Blogger Pictures

Heer is a picsure of me on the brij. i ackshully walked all the way across it a bunch of times wen Mom was riding me but ther was no peepul arownd to take flash box picsures of that.

An in the comments, Cactus Jack Splash sed that his persin is calld a Dope on a Rope cuz of the leed rope. Well I must menshun that somtimes my Dope wanders off an leaves me my own rope all to myself.

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From Blogger Pictures

Also ther is patches of hair missin frum my Roxie faece. I know how this came to happun but I is not going to tell you all about it.

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Monday, January 12, 2009


Mom did a TERRUBLE thing to me a cuple of days ago! She took me and rided me DURING DINNER!!! I culd not beleeve it. I was SO bad, i heer'd the 4-wheel hay mosheen drivin around an i threw a FIT! I ignored Mom on my back and I wuld not do good sircles or even listen to my reins. Mom was angery and i culd tell she wanted to maek me do more work but ther was a little girl in the areena an so we had to stay at one end. I heer'd Mom say she wuld not ride me during dinner any more times. I also heer'd her say some other words under her breath that turned my white Roxie hairs evun more whiter.
Oh well; i don' care! After we were done, I got to eet dinner after all!
Tonight i get a lunge line lessin. Theese is always funnie cuz Mom does more work than i do, runnin after me with the Long Wip.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh noes, I is nekkid!

SO Roommate Horse tookded it up-on her own self to put holes in my bloo sheet too. :( So now I, Roxie, is totallee nekkid. Thankfully I has Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat and all is well. I must post snow picsures soon as we haev like 5 foots of snow wher i live at my winter horse house. The winter one is closer to the areena then the summer horse house, an i haev to live there for the tiem being 'cuz the summer horse house duzn't haev the magic Thing that keeps my Roxie Water frum freezing.
Mom has been riding me wen it is not too cold. I must tell you all that i did Roxie Trot Poles yesterday, FOUR of them all in a row. An Mom set them pretty far apart so i hadda do Big Steps. An i did Big Steps pretty well an only really stepped on the last pole one or too times.
I is also figgering out cannter leeds too. I is so smarrt!!