Monday, December 29, 2008


So I, Roxie, must re-port that i can no longer wear my blanket as I got it caut on Roommate Horse's bitey teeth and ther is now som big holes in it now. :-( So i em back to my bloo sheet. But it is warmer now so I, Roxie, is OK with this develupmint.
Ooh, gess whut?? I DID see Mom this week-end. She digged a path for to reech us in the Horse House. An then Hay Lady drived up in a big yello thing an she moved lots an lots of snow and now i can go play in the areena an eet som grain foods. Hooray!
Funder is in-structing me to say six randum things abowt me, Roxie. So heer i go:


1) Wen i is a baybee horse i HAETED peppermint horse treets. Haet haet haet. Mom wuld put them in my grain foods an i wuld SPIT them back in the pan cuz i haeted them!! Altho now that i am growed up i think peppermint treets are pretty cool.


2) I, unlike most drafty horses, has a GRATE BIG TAIL. yes i do. It drags on the grownd and it is curly an beyootiful. Mom has to use d-tangler on it a lot an brush and brush and brush it somtimes. Lucky I, Roxie, is a payshent sort of horse.


3) I is a rescue frum a feedlot! Ther is lots of nice horses on feedlots--I, Roxie, is proof of this. An so i must give props and thanks an stuff to Kerrie, my First Human Mom, for seeing my potenshul. Edited to add: This picsure is NOT a picsure of Kerrie.


4) I wish Mom would let me haev long hair. :-( I is bored of my roach. Altho i hasnt been roachded in a while so maybe this is somthing.


5) I wuld like to try pulling a wheel cart at som point. I think I, Roxie, wuld ex-cell at this.


6) Somtimes when Mom is groomin me i will look at her like, "Hay, give me that brush." An she will hand me the brush an i will nom nom nom on it an it is fun. An then i will drop it, an i cant pick it back up cuz i is in cross-ties, an so i will purtend like i did not want the dumb brush anyways. Hee.

Monday, December 22, 2008


It is TEN digrees heer.

Need-less to say i haev not seen Mom in a while.

Hay Lady is feedin me extra hays tho so I, Roxie, am OK with this.

Also I am wearing a real blanket, not just a bloo sheet. It is not real hevvy so i don't overheet. I kind of like wearing a blanket. Roommate Horse is wearing a hevvy one because she is WEEK an so is her winnter coat. Yup.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gesst Blog Frum a Forriner

I is hosting a gesst blog. Willem is a forrin horse, from Jermanie. He has writed a Crismas list an i think all horse peepul shuld read it! He has a axscent. So his spelling is purty bad, like mine!

Here it goez:

Willem's List of What Horses REALLY Want for Christmas:

Hallo every boddie, Willem here! You proberbly haff seen mein picture
on die internet, I be verrie famouse. If you haff liffed on Mars or
some thing, und you don't nott to know me, I be Coreene her horse. I
be VERRIE HANDSOME und I be ein chestnut Hanoverian und I be 19 und I
be verrie tall, I be 17.2HH und I write prettie good English.

Any how, mannie off your horse friends und me, we haff emailed each
other und this it be wot we want und don't nott to want for der

1. Giff us mannie karroten. This is be carrots auf Deutsch. It don't
nott to matter wot you think, we can eat mannie karroten at die same
time. Like ten pounds at least. At once. Don't nott to skimp, this it
don't nott to be in der Christmas spirit.

2. Giff us ein promise off one apfel per day for die whole year. I
like to eat mein apfels in two bites, but mein mannie girl mare
friends, they like it best wenn you cut them upp in mannie little

3. Stand under our mouth so der clothing can catch die apfel spit.

4. Giff us ein box off C&H Pure Cane Sugar cubes. We need TEN cubes
per day. If you be saying "ten only" at die end, then we don't nott
to haff to bother counting und we know you don't nott to be giffing
us no more this day. Wenn the box it be empty, buy more. Don't nott
to let any no-sugar days happen.

5. Get ein massage with ein horse chiropractor. I like this mit die
girl chiropractors die best becose I don't nott to like mannie men
except for mein grandpa, he be Coreene her daddy.

6. Giff us die same loff wot we giff you. We loff you verrie much und
it don't nott to be nice if you don't loff us die same. Don't nott to
make us do things wot make our feets hurt.

Don't nott to buy no ugly ass things for us to wear und then say it
be a present for us, it don't nott to be, it be for you.

Verrie Happie Christmas und Happie Chanukah und Happie Kwanzaa und
Happie Every Thing Else und Happie New Year.

Loff, Willem

I be a German horse und this be straight from mein mouth.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I givvded an other lessin!

This tiem i is teeching a GURL!

Frum whut i can unnerstand this girl is Marissa an she is my Mom's sister. They has the same sire and dam as eech other. This girl is a little tiny person and she LOVDED me. She brushed and brushed me an telld me how pritty I, Roxie, is. an i mugged on her for treets but Mom sed no. :-(


An then she gets on an rides me! She knows to sit up an look wher she is goin, wich is nice cuz it is a hard thing for me, Roxie, to teech.


she is funnie. She wants to go fast all the time an Mom is like, "whutever, go ahed and try!" So i trottded arownd some but only after tiny Marissa person whapped me with the reins. She wuz a little floppy on me but reelly not too bad, she is a tiny persin so it doesn't matter wen she bownces. I think the stirops were too long for her cuz she is small. Mebbe next time Mom will use a diffrint saddul.

Marissa THANKDED me, Roxie, after she rided me. this is novel. Mom nevur thanks me. >:(


I is a good teechur.


i winned an award

Janet Roper givded me an award! her blog is here. I luvvs her blog cuz she unnerstands the importence of commoonicaeting with us animals. We have lots to say, just no words, unless we is bloggin. And most of us isn't bloggin. so Janet Roper duz good work. :-)


I need to figger owt how to pass this award along.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So I wuz axed if I, Roxie, has been in a show. In fact, I has been in TOO shows. I will tell you abowt them.

Both shows happund a long tiem ago wen I was three. I is gonna be FIVE in the spring time so this is a long tiem. The first one was strange. I getted in the trailur and goed to a big place called a Fair Grownd and ther is a whole BARN full of other horses an I don’t know any of them. Mom knowed them and knowed all of there peeple too. I goed in a big box stall where you hadd to step UP to get into it, just like a trailur. I got lots of hay an water tho so it wasn’t prison or any thing.

After some eeting, Mom putded my Answer saddul on an we went to a strange areena with other horses in it being rided. This is only the second time I had been rided at a place that wuz not my own barn. So I looked arownd at every thing and wiggled away from other horses and went sideways at the big tower. Ther was no one watching tho. So Mom laffed and we rided arownd an then I went back in the stall for food and beddtime. Hooray!

Then the next day was more of the same, only this time ther was LOTS of horses and lots of people standin arownd watching. And ther was peepul in the tower too! But I has seen the tower and the fences and the cornurs and the garbidge cans and stuff the day befor so it wuz cool. So we goed in the ring and walked and trottded and then turned arownd and walked and trottded some more. And then we goed and standed still in the centur of the arena and they called my naem, sort of, and we goed up to a little child person and got a red ribbin! I don’ know what this red ribbin means but it means mom petded me a lot and her frends cheerd and clapped so it must be somthin good. An then we did the same thing again a little bit later, and they sed my naem, sort of, again, only this time they said it first of all the horses! And I got a BLOO ribbin! Hooray for Roxie! An then we waited a little bit more an did it one more time, only this time we lined up and waited turns and then trottded over som poles on the grownd. I, Roxie, knows how to do this but I goed a little crooked cuz it was funnie. An then they call naemes again and I gets another red ribbin! I is the best horse! Mom wuz very happie and givded me lots of treets and pets and then I goed home! Hooray for me!

The second show happend in the fall and I is very used to being taeken places and rided by now. It is basicly the same except Mom puts my wessturn saddle on and wears a goofy thing on her head and we walk, trot and CANNER this tiem. I wuz not verry good at cannering yet so mom carried a whappin thing cuz spurs make me stop cuz I haet spurs. I is very good and I gets 2 yellow ribbins even though I, Roxie, is MUCH faster than the other horses and shuld get bloo ribbins as I was the best mover. Mom sed so. Yup. We were not at that show for verry long cuz I guess they told Mom she culdn’t have a whappin thing. Good. I wish they would com tell her that wen she rides me other places too!

So that is my show ca-rear. So far. I think Mom has more fun in the English saddul so my necxt show will probably be in that one.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So i missed bloggin on Vedderans Day. That is the day where evryone is quiet for a liddle bit an thinks about all the horses and peeoples who fight in wars and die in wars. Wars, in caese you aren't aware, is wen people fight with othur people for reesons I, Roxie, don' unnerstand. Maybe they fight abowt food. I wuld get angry and stompy over food, if sum one wanted to taek it frum me. Unless sum one is Roommate Horse. I guess we haev wars over food. But she wins cuz she is bitey. But some times i win cuz i eat faster! Ha ha!
But any wayz, humans haev wurse wars than that cuz there is lots of pain and dying, not just kicks and bites. Not just humans die, but horses too. Horses has been in wars for ever. Heer is a song, it is one of Mom's favorites, wher a Canadiun guy name-ded "Corb Lund" sings abowt horses in war thru hisstory. There is a Percheron in it:

I'm a hussar, I'm a Hun, I'm a wretched Englishman
Routing Bonaparte at Waterloo
I'm a dragoon on a dun, I'm a Cossack on the run
I'm a horse soldier, timeless, through and through

I's with Custer and the 7th, ‘76 or ‘77
Scalped at Little Big Horn by the Sioux
And the tears and devastation of a once proud warrior nation
This I know ‘cause I was riding with them too

And I drank mare's blood on the run when I rode with the Great Khan
On the frozen Mongol steppe while at his height
And I's a White Guard, I's a Red Guard, I's the Czar's own palace horse guard when Romanov was murdered in the night

And I knew Salah al-Din and rode his swift Arabians
Harassing doomed crusaders on their heavy drafts
And yet I rode the Percheron against the circling Saracen
And once again against myself was cast

I'm a hussar, I'm a Hun, I'm a wretched Englishman
Routing Bonaparte at Waterloo
I'm a dragoon on a dun, I'm a Cossack on the run
I'm a horse soldier, timeless, through and through

Well I've worn the Mounties crimson, if you're silent and you listen
You'll know that it was with them that I stood
When Mayerthorpe, she cried, as her four horsemen died
Gunned down in scarlet, coldest blood

I's the firstest with the mostest when I fought for Bedford Forrest
Suffered General Wilson's Union raid
Mine was not to reason why, mine was but to do or die
At Crimea with the charging Light Brigade

On hire from Swiss or Sweden, be me Christian, be me heathen
The devil to the sabre I shall put
With a crack flanking maneuver, I'm an uhlan alles uber
Striking terror into regiment of foot

Well I knew my days were numbered when o’er the trenches lumbered
More modern machinations c'est la guerre
No match for rapid fire or the steel birds of the sky
With a final rear guard action I retreat
No match for barbed wire or the armored engines' whine
Reluctant I retire and take my leave

Today I ride with special forces on those wily Afghan horses
Dostum’s Northern Alliance give their thanks
And no matter defeat or victory, in battle it occurs to me
That we may see a swelling in our ranks

Well I'm a hussar, I'm a Hun, I'm a wretched Englishman
Routing Bonaparte at Waterloo
I'm a dragoon on a dun, I'm a Cossack on the run
I'm a horse soldier, timeless, through and through
I’m a horse soldier, eternal, through and through

I’s with the Aussies at Beersheba took the wells so badly needed
And with the Polish lancers charging German tanks
Saw Ross' mount shot down at Washingtown the night we burned the White House down
And cursed the sack of York and sons of Yanks

It is sad wen horses die. And peoples too. Mom has a bruther who go's to war. He went wonce but he caem back ok, at leest in his body anyway. He caeme back with medduls, which is liek Horse Show Ribbins but u can onlee get them for being brave, an having people shoot guns at you. He go's back to war agin soon, i guess, an fights. I think it is so that i can have foods. Maybe he will ride me, Roxie, before he go's. I wonnder if that wuld maek him a Horse Soldier.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Teck-no Roxie

I totallee put a new hedder picshure on my Roxie blog. Yup.

Poor Mom!

Did you all know ther is a thing called "serjery" an it means a Human Vet CUTS YOU OPIN!?

I haddnt seen Mom for a few dayz an then she coms out today to bring grain foods! Hooray! It is rainding somethin awful an i wuz standin in my Roxie shed in Horse Prison tryin to keep my Fashun Coat dry. Not kleen, cuz mud is fun. :-) Just dry.

So Mom coms out an brings me grain foods an she is limpin a LOT an she telld me she had a "serjery" an a man cut her leg opin! I guess this is to make you bedder but it seems liek it wuld make you wurse. she sed she sleeped thru it cuz they give you stuffs in your bludd that maek you sleepy. But wen it is over they haev drilled holes in your BONES and taken things out of your leg and put other things in your leg! It sounded terruble. But ackshully i was nomming grain foods and not reelly lissening cuz hey, I is starving.

So i looked up frum grain foods and Mom was gone. :-( But she will be back soon, i bet, and riding me arownd and calling me Good Girl in no time.

In the meen wile, heer is a picshure from the other day. Mom feeded me a carrot that was old like Roommate Horse an i gess when carrots get old, they get . . . bendy.


I still eatded it an it was still so yummy tasty.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat

just in caes you all were wonnering about Puffy Roxie Fashun Coat, here is a close-up:


I wuz sheddin at the tiem to make more rooms for it. This Coat will get much Puffier befor it shedds owt in Spring-time again.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All kinds of new stuffs

As I, Roxie, preeviusly menshunned, i has New and Improved Grain Foods. Mom got me new grains an she got Roommate Horse som VERY yummy new Old Horse Food.
Heer is my new grain food. It is Ots. These Ots is crimped, wich i think meens a mashine chews 'em first so it maeks your Roxie life eesier.


Roommate Horse's Old Horse Food is all full of vite-a-mins an oils and moll-asses. It is DELISHUS but i only gets a liddle bit of it cuz I is not an Old Horse. Although i wish i was, cuz it is SO so yummie.

Old Horse Foods

Heer is my grain frum Sunday. I get grain foods after i is rided:


It is mostlee Ots an a hoof-full of Old Horse Food and some extra vite-a-mins. An Flex Free which is good for my Roxie jointz. I gotded this evun tho it is Roommate Horse's cuz i cannered a whole bunch and cannered over rails on the grownd. Oh, an ther is corn oils for to make my Roxie coat all shiny.

I also gotded a bran-new saddul pad that i will modull for you:


who is Bettie Boops anyways?


Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessins Part Too

I goed for another lessin!


That wuz me in my Roxie trailur eeting hay foods.

Heer is me som more. In my trailur. I refoosed to scootch my Roxie butt into the cornur as i em trying to convinse Mom to have the front spaece of the trailur embiggened.


Trainer Woman sed lots and lots of "YES!" and "BYOOTIFUL CANNER!" and she sed i is such a Cute Girl and a Good Girl. And i WUZ a Good Girl and i em lerning that Scary Door isn't reelly so Scary.
What IS Scary is that one of the areena mirrirs is busted. I di'int spook at this but I did heer that it is cuz there is a draft cross like me who is NOT a Good Girl an when Trainer Woman and Dressage Cowboy Guy tryd to put a saddul on her, she goed CRAZY and ran arownd bucking and bucking and bukcing and freeking out an she JUMPED into the mirrir. Who JUMPS in to a mirrir? Not me, i ashure you.
I, Roxie, was unaware that ther is CRAZY horses of this level in the wurlds.
Which maekes me feel evun better about being such a Good Girl.
I em pleesed to report that i got Hay foods in the trailur and Grain Foods when i returned to my horse house. Oh, but i am not pleesed to report that i am in Horse Prison, with a electrick fence that bites hard. :( All b-cuz i excaped to see Rex agin.
Mom did get new improoved grain foods. Mebbe i shuld write about this.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One bad thing . . .

Trainer Woman sed Mom must carrey a Wip. :-(


So it coms to pass that I, ROXIE, goes to the Lessin Place and talks to the Trainer Woman. An it is NOT liek Roommate Horse sed it was liek. I meen, yes, there is all sorts of other horses, an they flurt with yu and say they love you, an there is a big areena and you get rided arownd. But it is HARD. An there is mirrirrs wher you can see your own Roxie self, an a Scary Door that is Scary to go past, an you haev to trot a BUNCH of trots, and then the Trainer Woman sez to canner and you have to canner and canner and canner until you is breething SO hard you is goin to die. :-(

Still. Trainer Woman sed I, Roxie, is byootiful and i is a Nice Girl and i has po-ten-shull. An i did not die, so that is somthing. Everyone who wuz watchin sez i did SO good and i am SO cute! Yay for me! Roxie!

I also got picsures frum the Flash Box. They are grainey like Grain Foods cuz of the lites. And yes, i got Hays in the trailur on the way there, and Grain Foods when i wuz done and back at my Horse House home with Roommate Horse.

This is a cyute picsure of me, Roxie. Mom looks terrubble an that maeks me look evun better! Ha.

I haev another lessin in a week! Hooray for Roxie!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I is the best

I, Roxie, is the best.

I is the best b-cuz somtimes i do EXACKLY what I is told. I pick up my feets good an I stand good for saddelin an i let Mom goof arownd with my bridel an figger out where my Roxie bit shuld go. An then i stand good for mownting and then i NECK-RAIN like it is the most boringest thing in the wurld and i has been doing it for a hunnert years. and then I, Roxie, CANNER when Mom asks for a canner, and i also gets propper LEEDS when i is cannering. Ha! It turns out wen i do all these things that i only get rided for like 10 minnits cuz Mom is impressed with how good i is, and then i get grain foods. Hooray!

I must remember this. Being good ekwals grain foods.

I go for a Lessin tonite. i don' know whut that is but i hope grain foods are involvded in this thing. Also i hope the Flash Box is involvded so you all can see my puffy Roxie Fashun Coat.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hee hee hee

I, Roxie, is skilld in the use of strategery. Here is som examples of how I, Roxie, use this to get whut it is that I wants:

1) Junyor Olympeean has LEFT the barn alreddy. Mebbe she reeds my Roxie blog. :-) or mebbe its cuz i told all the other horses abowt her and they all nicker-snickered at her all the tiem. Okay, so mebbe i di'int do that. But I, Roxie, SHULD have.

2) I haev SUCKSEEDED in not beeing taken on any trail rides this fall so far. It turns owt that Roommate Horse is MUCH bettur at keepin up with other horses so she go's on them now. HA.

3) I is gettin shaggy. Winnter is comin and I is growin a puffy coat and it is Bay-Roan wich is all the rage in places wher they care abowt Fashun. I heer about Fashun a lot. Fashun is why my pink saddle pad goes with my pink leg-raps. Yup.

That is all. I shuld post picsures of me soon befor you all forgit what it is that i look liek.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Som Peepul

Som peepul think it is OK to com and watch you in the areena and call you a boy and say “he is kyooot!” and keep sayin it evun after Mom tells them I is a Great Big Girl.
Heer is the storie.
So Mom is limpin BAD this tiem and I don’ think soffball is anythin' to do with it. She can’t much straiten her leg or bend it too far and it looks reel hurty. So I decided to be a Good Girl.
So she burshded me. I am sheddin LOTS right now. :) Soon it will be winnertime and I will be all brown agin and get to wear my bloo sheet. Anyways, mom brushded me an picked my hooves and put green leg things on my front legs so I wuld look like a Real Horse In Training. An she brushded out my foreloxie too. And then she saddled me with my Answer and my favorit pink saddul pad.
So we go to the indoor areena. Mom had me run a round a little to blow off steem as if I ever get steem. I is Roxie! Roxies don’t steem. So I did that and then I stood good next to the step stool an somhow she got on me. She had a whappin thing (no wip, hooray!) so I just decided to be good and go forward when Mom wanted forward. An she never even whapped me! Hooray! I must rememmer this, that I don’ get whapped if I just do what is asked of me, Roxie.
So anyways. I is pinging around the areena and mom is giving me loose rains and we trotted over a pole and it was fun. :)
An then we wuz doing a thing where I wuld trot an mom wuld post and then she wuld sit and I wuld do a little sirrcle and then when the sirrcle was done we wuld post-trot som more. It wuz fun and I was doing it so good! An then I see a girl watchin us. I di'int no her, I has never seen her before in my barn. But she starts sayeing things like, “He is so kyooot! What is he?” an I FELT Mom pin her eers as she was riding me! It wuz funnie.
SO Mom rided me over there an explainded that I is a girl Percheron mix horse, an that I is Roxie. And this girl starts blabbering abowt how she rides “dressage” as if that is even reelly a word an how she was a Junyor Olympeean and how she culd tell that Mom wuz riding me wrong! She sed there was somthing wrong with me cuz I didn’ wanna bend left and that Mom shuld have TIGHT RAINS on my mouf! :( And then she sed she was a Junyor Olympeean again and she rided in a place called Jermanie an she had a fancy Jerman saddul an Mom shuld ride me in that in stead of my Answer! An then she started tellin Mom that her leg was all wrong, an that she shuld know cuz she iz a Junyor Olympeean. Mom looked at her an sed “Um, I blew my Aay-Cee-Ell last week” but this “dressage” girl kep talkin an offered to give Mom “poinners” on her posishun! An then she calld me a boy agin!! I startded to get offended cuz I think Mom does just fine espeshully bein broken right now and exspeshully by not havin tight rains. Mom tryed to explane that I is a baby still and just lerning stuff but this girl wasnt a listeny sort of person so I was only too happy to trot away when Mom asked me to.
I was annoyed. But then I got som grain foods and a bunch of “good girl”s an so I pretty much fergot. Except for now, cuz i has to blog abowt it now.
Mom wuz chukkeling about this stuff later to a girl named Lee-uh who is the temperarie replacement for Hay Lady. Mom didn’t seem to offended. She thinks the girl was tryeing to be nice, altho she called the girl a DQ and I don’ know whut that is. Mebbe it is somthing bad.
Some peepul!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Wip

SO I, Roxie, got lots of dayz off of be-ing rided. I think this is cuz I is a Good Girl. Or Mom is bizzy with “work” agin. Or mebbe I is keepin the grasses down in teh Big Field. Or maybe Mom is “remodeling her stoopid bathroom and its stoopid and expensive and takes too much time.” I dunno. Mom sez a lot of things.
But annyways, a cuple days ago Mom comes to ride me, Roxie. An this is OK with me. Mom always gives treets wen she comes to put my green haltur on. So she brushded me an put my Bob on me an we went owtside to the big areena. Mom got on me an I was a Good Girl for her excep when she startded askin me to trot and canner. I wuz like, “No, I don’ wanna, I forgot how to be rode!” an I pinnded my ears and made faces and wuldn’t go. I just want to walk. An reelly, what’s rong with walkin' arownd at a walk? NOTHIN.
Mom kicked a couple times and hollered a liddle an then got off me! I wuz liek, “Hooray, I win! Now is time for grain foods!” An mom led me out of the areena an I wuz happie. But then we startded goin towards my trailur. I is like, “huh, maybe we are goin sumwhere. But I still has my tacks on. This is weerd.” An mom opend the little door on the side an I thot mebbe there was grain foods in ther. An she got a black whappin thing and I sed to my Roxie self, “uh-oh, I cannot purtend anymore. I’s goin to get whapped.”
So Mom got back on and asked me for trots. An I thot may-be I could call her bluff and so I pinnded my Roxie ears and di’int trot. And then she whapped me! And I didnt heer the whappin sound! And IT HURT! It totallee hurt like a big Horse Flie bite. I trottded THEN, I ashure you. An she asked me to canner and I hadda do that too! Tuirns out this wasn’t a whappin thing, it was a WIP. Wips are like whappin things with a stinger on the end and you get stung with it! :-(

I haet wips. I wuz NOT that brattie and I surtinly did not desurve a wip.


That is all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I, Roxie, Winned an AWARD

My innernet frend Janet who is a animul commoonicadur givded me an my Roxie blog an AWARD! Her b-log is heer.

This is a neet thing cuz it meens I, Roxie, haev FANS. Ha. Take that, Roommate Horse!

If I unnerstand correcktly, I must now giv awards to my fave-o-rit blogs. So heer is som of the blogs I luv:

Brego the Eventing Percheron. Ther is no poynt in purtending that I m over Brego. Cuz I'm not. :-) Just don't tell my boyfrend Rex.

Klein the Jumping Percheron. Klein is my aege but she is way more alth-- athel-- asth-- . . . she likes to run arownd and jump over things. An she lives in a magic place surrownded by salty watters. Weerd!

Gee Haw Paul the Mule.
This is The Blog that inn-spierded me, Roxie, to beggin writin abowt me an myself an my advenchures. It is a sad thing tho cuz Paul is now in Horse (and Mule) Hevven. So you must reed his blog frum the begginnin start first point in tiem.

It Seemd Like a Good Idear At the Tiem.
This gurl has a Tennissy Wahker horse but she also used to haev a draft like me, Roxie! An she is real funny too.

Imperial Horse Who Needs Sugars.
This is MAXIMUS! He is a Lippy-zahnner. He is real purty, but in a boy horse way. And he has a Roommate Horse too.

There is way more uther blogs that I, Roxie, reed alls the time.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This Is Too Weeerd

Did yu know that I, Roxie, culd be rided withowt a SADDUL??!

Monday, August 11, 2008


My First Human Mom Kerrie got writded about in a NOOSE-PAPUR! Look look look:

Published on Sunday, August 10, 2008

Meet the horse whisperer
Kerrie Regimbal has been saving doomed horses for four years; now she is starting an outreach program to pair those horses with kids in need of self-esteem
by Erin Snelgrove
Yakima Herald-Republic

SELAH -- No one in her family liked horses. But that didn't stop Kerrie Regimbal from growing up to become their savior.

"I've been passionate about horses my entire life," the 48-year-old said. "They are magnificent animals. They are so beautiful."

For the past four years, Regimbal has actively worked to rescue starved, abused and neglected horses and find them new homes. She's rescued more than 30 horses so far, several of which live behind her Selah home.

She and her husband, Bob, are now doing even more by establishing a new, nonprofit program called Kidz N Horses. The goal of the program, Kerrie said, is to boost children's self-esteem by having them groom, clean and tend to the animals. The couple hopes to target kids who have a troubled home life.

"We're not counselors," Kerrie said. "We just want them to be comfortable, feel safe and have a good time."

Kerrie began rescuing horses because she couldn't bear the thought of them suffering. She's seen videos showing horses at feedlots being stunned and hung upside down to bleed to death. Even pregnant mares are slaughtered this way, she added.

"Death is not quick," she said. "It's not humane like cattle. ... It's very awful."

So rather than having horses meet this fate, she'll buy them, rehabilitate them and match them with new owners. She finds some horses at feedlots. Other times, people call her seeking help.

"They're still good; they shouldn't be thrown away," she said about the horses. "They can't help the situation they've gotten into."

One such rescue was Butterscotch, an old palomino with an attitude.

"She was just a diva," Kerrie said. "She thought she was the most beautiful horse you've ever seen and deserved to be pampered."

Kerrie gave Butterscotch to Melanie Case, who was training to be an equine masseuse. Case owned Butterscotch for two years, before the horse died last winter. To this day, Case is thankful that Butterscotch was a part of her family.

"Butterscotch and I got along fine. It took awhile for us," said Case, who lives in Cowiche. "I felt like I was helping her a little bit. I don't think she had a great life before Kerrie got her."

Jaimi Schmidt of Selah also appreciates what the Regimbals are doing. A mother to four young children, she has known Kerrie since the fifth grade. Not only did Kerrie teach her how to ride, she gave Schmidt a rescued quarter horse named Gypsy a year ago.

To Schmidt, there's no one better to work with horses and children than Kerrie.

"I think she's found her calling," said Schmidt, adding that Kerrie has the right mix of patience, caring and respect for horses and children. "She has a lot of love in her heart. She's always been that way."

The Regimbals' house is a teen hangout. Even when her three kids aren't around, Kerrie still comes home from her job as a judicial assistant to find a slew of teenagers parked in her kitchen.

That gave her the idea of providing an outlet where kids can work with her horses.

"It's for kids who have been neglected or abused, or kids with no problems whatsoever," Regimbal said about her program, Kidz N Horses. "Any child is welcome."

Much of her inspiration came from attending clinics at the Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Bend, Ore. That's when Bob, her husband of eight years, began sharing her interest in starting a similar program.

"My experience is pretty limited. I've only been around horses since Kerrie," he said. "They will do just about anything for you, as long as they know what it is and they are not fearful."

The secret to rehabilitating horses is listening to them, the Regimbals said. They watch the horses' ears, hooves and head for indications of their moods. They never use harsh, painful discipline to make the horses obey. Instead, they take their time getting to know the animals, proving to them that humans can be trusted.

The Regimbals share these techniques with children who, in addition to learning safety, spend time petting the horses, cleaning their stalls and taking them for walks.

"Children have a sense of responsibility, ownership, belonging and pride in what they're doing," Kerrie said.

One such participant is Austin Herren of Selah. Now 14, he's known the Regimbals since he was 5. Not only do the horses keep him out of trouble in school, he said they give him a needed lift when he feels depressed.

"I like riding them and petting them," he said. With them "you can leave all your other emotions at home. You can come here and relax, take a little vacation."

The Regimbals want their fledgling program to grow. To that end, they're seeking to move to a place where there's more land for the horses. They're also hoping to attract more participants by contacting local schools, youth groups and social service agencies.

"It's limitless," Bob said about the program. "We're Christ-led. However big he wants to go with that, that's where we'll go."

* Erin Snelgrove can be reached at 577-7684 or

WHAT: A Selah outreach program that pairs kids with rehabilitated horses, teaching children responsibility, ownership and pride in caring for the animals. Parents are encouraged to watch their kids interact with the horses.

WHEN: Sessions are by appointment only and are offered on evenings and weekends.

COST: Free.

MORE INFO: Contact Kerrie Regimbal at 509-307-6168 or

Friday, August 8, 2008

Roommate Horse is Goin to Post

Just to warrn all of yous who reed my Roxie blog. U mite wanna not finnish reeding this enterey. Roommate Horse haz a flash box picsure she wants on the innerwebs. It is a stupid picsure. >:(

It is NOT a stupid picTure! I am simply trying to demonstrate that lovely Thoroughbreds such as myself can wear many hats. And sometimes that includes a barrel racing hat. I am proud of this picture because I look like a real cow horse.

So wher is the picsures uv you ackshully RUNNIN a barrul rayce?

SQUEAL!!! *kick*

Soem answer! I hardlee evun felt that.

This is xtra-funnie cuz guess who is havin REAL picsures of barrul rayces? Frum LAST summurr? Correck, ME. Roxie. Obsurv THIS:

And this:

Oh an 1 more:

SO Roommate Horse is just now lernin how to do barruls and I lerned this like a hole YEER ago. HA. I, Roxie, is the best horse.

Monday, July 28, 2008

flash box

Mom gotted a new Flash Box! It is smaller an more blacker than teh last one. So heer is some picsures frum it:

Heer is the Big Field. I, Roxie, who is a Horse Princess, rule this Big Field on week-enz. Yup. Mom sez when the roun-bales gets ree-movd frum the field behine the trees, the Big Field gets evun bigger! Hooray!

Heer is me bossin' Polo. This is a fun thing:

Mom lets all my Roxie waters out of the Tank of Watters an then she scrubbded it an maed it kleen and yummy tasty. An wen new kleen waters came in to the Tank of Waterz, it spraid out the otto-madick watterer an I had a Roxie Drinkin Fowntin! Yum!

It is fun to slurp on a fowntin.

So I is a teechur

I, Roxie, am teeching somone how to ride me!

This is Mat. ------------------>

Mat has not been on horse-bak so much an so I, Roxie, has been givin the Very Importent Jobb of teeching Mat how to sit propperly an turn me with rains and leg skweezes. This is a e-z jobb cuz I can purtend liek I don' know what to do. As long as I do not bukc or kick or be meen to Mat, I is a Good Girl. Mom sedd so. :) Mat must be in Mom's hooman herd cuz she treets him like I treet my boyfrend Rex. All flurty an stuff. 'Cept she seems to bite him on the mouf som times. I don' know whut that is but Mat seemd OK with this.

So I walks aroun the areena and dont shake my hedd or bite his foots or do anythin quick or bad. As I sed, somtimes I purrtend I don' know what to do and somtimes I reely dont know whut to do so then I stop an Mom sez some words and then Mat asks me agin to do stuff but this tiem it makes sence and then I do it and Mom is happy and Mat is happy an then I get to be Finnished and gets my saddul removd and gets grain foods.

I likes bein a teechur cuz ther is grain involvd.

This sadell is a diffrint one. I must write about it somtime.
Also, ther was a big fierr that day. Mom sayd it wuz not neer my horse house but it made the sky look funnie and smell somthin terribul.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tack: Part Too in a Serees

So last tiem we dis-cussded my byootiful Roxie tack, we talkded about my Bob. Bob is Tree-less. But Bob is a wessturn saddul. This enterey we will talk about my englissh saddul, which is also a Tree-less.

This is my Answer. I kno this saddul is spelled correcktly b-cuz I look up this word in the Word Book. This saddul is calld a Answer an it is made withowt trees also, just like Bob, and it is SOOPER comfortubble. Ther is no pokeys anywher on me from this saddul an I can move and breethe an move my Roxie mussles an stuff liek that. It is a English saddul as i sed before an that usually meens when I, Roxie, is whering this saddul that I must do More Work, like such as trottin big trot steps an runnin around fasster and bendin my neck around and turning an stuff.

When i wher the wessturn Bob saddul I is alowwed to be more lazy-er. You may guess wich saddul i prefer.

Mom tells me the Answer is very expensive (I, Roxie, also lookded this "expensive" word up too for spellin correcly) an that I is a Horse Princess for gettin such a saddul. I liek the thot of this an of possiblee gettin a sparklie hat so I, Roxie, declarr my-self to be Horse Princess and rool over Polo and the Big Field.

But only on week-ends.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I has figgered out that Blogger is BAD with my flash box picsures. I has uploded a new one of me, Roxie, and Rood-mate Horse frum the last post an you can ackshully CLICK on it and embiggen it now!

I will try to make more picsures embiggenable thru-owt the day.

Luv, Roxie.

p.s.--Ackshully that is a lie. I will not be editin more picsures cuz I, Roxie, just disscoverd that wen I goes bak an makes picsures embiggenable, all preevius Roxie blog comments frum my reedership get lost. :( I likes comments so never mind.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I is sorry

I has been not-very-good at updaeting my Roxie blog. I aplogize for this. Mom, as you mebbe suspeckt, is my Roxie blog typer human. I have tryed to B the typer horse-person for my own Roxie blog but my Roxie hoovses, wile being very big and also very byootiful, are not so much sooted for typeing. I, Roxie, tryed typeing but the compooter don't work real good for real long affter I started try-ing so I just make Mom do it now. She has to do somthing to earn her keeps anyways. :-)
Anywayz, Mom cudn't type for my Roxie Blog cuz she went away to a place calld Sandy Eggo for a while. I don' know what is in Sandy Eggo but she com back with a hat and was booble-babbling like human persons do about some gaem wher grown-up mans hit a leetle ball with a stick and then I guess go runnin aroun in circles. Somthing like the soffball, from whut I can unnerstand. Sounds stoopid to me, Roxie.
But anyways agin, Mom left and it was grrrrrreat! I goed in the Big Field whare the grass foods are knee-deep with Roommate Horse and a meen red mare horse named Polo. Ackshully that is whut Mom calls her cuz I guess she is used for polo. This is an other gaem wher peeple hit balls with sticks and run around, but they do this on HORSES this time so this gaem must be bettur than the one Mom seen. Polo has a real naem but she will not tell us what it is because she is MEAN. So I pins my Roxie ears at her and I bosses her aroun! Hooray! And somtimes she gets too close to Roommate Horse an then I run at her and she runs away! Yay! I, Roxie, am finely TUFF.
Polo is mebbe mean b-cuz she has no mane hairs. Not even a forelox! I guess I wuld be meen too if I had no mane hairs and no Fly Mask. Roommate Horse gets a bloo Fly Mask and I has my Roxie foreloxie and Polo has nuthin. Oh well, this nuthin is whut she desurves. For bein a meeny meen mare horse.
What is sad is that I, Roxie, onley get to be in the Big Field on week-ends or wen Mom is in Sandy Eggos becuz . . . okay, I am not reelly shur why. Somthin about the Big Field’s fence. I herd Mom tellin some-one that I haev to be in my Roxie paddocksie during the week in caes I start thinkin about tessting the fence, whatever THAT meens. I, Roxie, de-side to solve this misstery so I asks Roommate Horse. She tells me a BAD bad bad story about a thing calld Bobwire an how it tryed to eet her once! It is a Non-visible Monnster that Roommate Horse culd hardlee discribe as she startded shaeking at the memmury of it. An Roommate Horse is not scared of ANY thing so this scares me, Roxie, too. The Big Field has this monnster all 'round it outside of the elektric white taep an I guess if I get out of the Big Field that this monnster is waiting to bite and eet me! And it will HURT! I don’t want hurting. :-( Nope nope nope. But I, Roxie, knows about this monnster now. SO I wish they wood just leeve me out in the Big Field, now that I knows about this beast monnster. I will not go thru the fences! There is no reeson to excape anyway cuz I has foods INSIDE the fences. But I guess they think I don’ know theese things so I haev to go back in the paddock and Roommate Horse gets to stay out ALL week. Hmmph.
I has no flash box pictures of Polo or the Big Field just yet. So heer is a picsure of me an Roommate Horse on a trail ride we went on yesserday. I aplologize that Someone Who Is Not Roxie is sticking her tung out at the flash box. Some horses can be SO ROOD.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tack: Part One in a Serees

Hallo. Today I is doin a blog enterey about tack.

Peepul is always like, “Roxie, you is so beyootiful!” an I say “Thank you, it is true.” An then peepul is like, “Roxie, you is the Best Horse!” an I say “yes, this also is true.” An then peepul sez, “Whut sort of a saddul is to be used on a horse as beyootiful and wonnerful and bestest as you?”

So heer is the first part of the answer to that quest-yun.

I is rided in too sorts of sadduls—English and Wessturn. Today I is writin bout my wessturn saddul.

Posted by Picasa
This is a Bob. All I heer Mom call it is a Bob but I did some reesurch on the e-bay and found out it is a Bob Marshall Saddul. It is Tree-less. Tree-less meens that ther is nothin rigid in the saddul. An it also meens the saddul flexes and can get widerer for those of us with beyootiful wide comfortubble backs and can also flex to get more narro-rer for narro horses like Roommate Horse who have sharp pointy backs. I loves my Bob. It is flexy and sofft and delishus and it is decurrated in silvers to be befitting of a horse such as me, Roxie, who is the Best Horse and desurves the Best Saddle.
L8ter—Part 2 of the Serees.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hee hee hee

So me, Roxie, goed out on grass pasture ALL WEEK-END. Hooray! Roommate Horse wuz there too but she hangd out at the farr end of the pasture neer her new boyfrend Devon. Devon is nice but he is a turrowbred like Roommate Horse an so he is tall and skinnie and not-my-type.

So at the end of the week-end Mom come and git us to go back in the horse house paddock for dinner. An I think she thot she wuz clever by ketching both me an Roommate Horse at the saem time an walking us back togethur. This don’t work reelly cuz Roommate Horse walks reelly fast an I, Roxie, walk like Royelty—slow an deliberite. So Mom is in the middul gettin rippded in haff cuz Roommate Horse is draggin her forewurd and I is draggin her the other way.

This is funnie. :-) Mom wuznt reelly laffin tho.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As promissed.

You all stay away! He is MY man frend.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I seen Mom and Hay Lady talkin’ to each othur an lookin’ at me. Hay Lady sez she is mad at me, Roxie! I hav no ideeuh why.

Altho mebbe it has somthin to do with the fackt that I is escaping my paddock somtimes to go see my boyfrend Rex. Rex is dreemy. He is a Bellgian an he is tall and blond. I, Roxie, will put a picsure up of him soon as long as you reeders all promiss not to get jelos of me for havin him as my Roxie boyfrend.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Lerning to Steer

I, Roxie, gots to go agin this week-end an practice mownted shooting. I gots to ride in my trailur! Hooray. It is a not-long haul and then we arrives at an areena with the baloons in it. Ther is good grass foods an clovers around the owt-sides of the areena. There is also weerd smelly animals.


I is guessin these is Cowz. I has herd about Cowz but never met any. Here is what I, Roxie, lern about cowz:

1) Smelly
2) Dumb

Mom maed me walk over to the cowzes even tho I is eatin clover foods. The Cowz runned away. They is scared uv me, Roxie! Granted I is quite intimuhdating. I di'int care about cowz cuz I is eating.

There is lots of nice peeples at this areena. Mom makes a frend named Rand an I, Roxie, innerduced myself to Rand's horse Tucker. Tucker is a nice horse but he is not my type. So I pins my Roxie ears at him! Ha ha ha. Oh and Rand had a Man person named Dug. Dug come up to me and startded tellin me whut a nice horse I is an how pritty I is an he scritched my 4-head an evun kissded me on the nose! I is onnered to be kissed on the nose by such a nice man in such a big cowboy hat. Dug is a nice fella an i hope him an Rand and Tucker com bak for more mownted shooting.

Then Mom putded my saddle on and we goed to the areena and rided around. This time of mownted shooting is diffrent then last time. Mom is steerin me thru cones and arownd barrels an stuff. Only insted of steerin me around, she is pushin my byootiful neck with the rains. Like, I feel the rain on my left, so i goed right! That sorts of thing. I guess this is neck-raining. I has done soem neck-raining but not to much. I don' like this cuz somtimes I like to go where I, ROXIE, want to go, not wher Mom wants to go! But when I do this she gits all mad an hollers at me an stuff. Soemtimes i runned off and tryed to give Mom a Struggle. Um. I unnerstand now why Roommate Horse does not win her Struggles. Mom MAKES you go wher she sez to go! I dislike this but it is the way it goez. I tryed to ignore her neck-rains but then I had to go in little sircles and little sircles is no fun.

SO I tryed stoppin'. This is smart of me. This works for a little cuz Mom kicks but she isnt real big and dosnt kick neer as hard as Roommate Horse. I thot i won this Struggle until Mom got a Whappin Thing. An she whapped me with it on my Roxie butt! :-( This maed me sad. It also made me go. An when i go i don' get whapped, wich is a good thing. And evenchually I, Roxie, just decide to go wher Mom wants. And then a GRATE thing happens. I don' get whapped and Mom pets me and calls me Good Girl and I is so happy! An then I get to RUN reel fast to the end of the areena where the other horses is and we get to stand arownd! It is so neet! And then we is finished and i gets to get my saddle re-movd and I eats more grass foods!

So the day is a good day and i lerns to steer. Ackshully I alredy new how to steer. Somtimes I just dont wanna.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Grass Foods

I, Roxie, luuuuuuuuuuv grass foods. I do I do I do.

Mom came to my horse house today an she putded my haltur on an I went to eat grass foods while Mom helded my halter roep and brushded me. My Roxie hairs is comin off in big white chunks and I, Roxie, am turnin bay roan again. Hooray!!

Mom is limpin'. Com to think of it, tonite is usual-ee when Mom takes Roommate Horse an goez for a Lessen. But not this tonite. I ask Roommate Horse abot this later and Roommate Horse sayz Mom telled her the hole storie wen Roommate Horse wuz gettin' the Flower Smell Wet Stuff spraid on her back (cuz Roommate Horse has a touch of brain-rot). Roommate Horse sayd teh storie wuz hard to follow but involvded some sort of "soffball." I dunno what a soffball is but Roommate Horse sayd that Mom sayd that ther NOT soff at all.

I hope she stops limpin' soon.

Anyhoo, I foun lots of grass foods. I found tall grass foods an short grass foods and grass foods with wide blaeds an some grass foods with seeds on top (they tikkled) and grass foods who's seeds fel off when i brushded aginst them and there seeds got in my Roxie foreloxie and i foud grass foods that were baby grasses an those are tender an real good and i evun found some Dandee Lions. I luv Dandy Lions cuz they r yello an some Lions are puffy and those is good grass foods too an i foun aflafa clover grass foods and i aete all these grass foods and I, Roxie, luve grass foods. Yum yum yum.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is stoopid

What is stoopid is when Roommate Horse is gone at a Lesson and then she coms back and eets dinner an i have to watch and not get a secund dinner. >:(

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Goed On A Trail Ride

Liek my title sayz, I goed on a Trail Ride! This is a fun thing. Here is the storie:

Erly in the mornin’ on Sadurday, Mom and her frend come to my horse house. They givded us grain foods and put me and Roommate Horse Marvy in the trailur with hay. We ride in the trailur and eat foods for a long time. After this long time we stop at a place wher it smells dry an theres no trees. I think I rememmer this place from a while back.

Mom and her frend unloads us and puts saddles on us. Here is a picsure of us with saddles on. I is teh cute one. Not the blak one.

Here is me with Mom’s frend. Her naem is Tie-Ann. Or mebbe it is TyAnne. Iuhno.

Tie-Ann rided me, Roxie! I like Tie-Ann cuz she lets me eat grass foods somtimes.

Mom rided Roommate Horse. I is guessin’ this is cuz Roommate Horse is a mean jerk and needs someone to also be a mean jerk. Mom can be a mean jerk person. Somtimes she an Roommate Horse have Struggles but ive never seen Mom lose a Struggle yet. She is tuff, for a human person. It is funnie to watch Boss Mare get bossed.

Here is us eatin grass foods.

Heer is Mom on Roommate Horse. I is embaressed to bee seen neer those leg-boots she has.

I nveer thot I wud say this but I is glad Roommate Horse is along for the ride. Is nice to have cumpany and not be alone.

Here is me an Tie-Ann soem more. I is the Good Horse and I carrys the Bag Of Foods And Lemonades on my saddle. Yup.

Mom sez to ride a draft cuz it makes yr butt look small.

Here is me, Roxie, some more. This trail is a nice trail. Kinda longish tho.

Ther is nothin’ scarey on this trail excep when these weerd horses come running-walking up behind us! I don’ know whut ther problem is. They cannot trot, just running-walk like they is hurt or somthin. Mebbe these is Tenissy Wahkers. I haev herd of Tenissy Wahkers but not seen ‘em. I get scared of these, exspecially when the guy with the foot jingle things runned up behind me. I moves over reel quick for Foot Jingle Guy and his weerd swety Wahker horse. Roommate Horse haets these weerd horses too so it is not just me, Roxie, who is imagining things.

Then we goed back in the trailur and goed back home! And ther was dinner at home! Whoot!

This day is a nice day.