Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I has figgered out that Blogger is BAD with my flash box picsures. I has uploded a new one of me, Roxie, and Rood-mate Horse frum the last post an you can ackshully CLICK on it and embiggen it now!

I will try to make more picsures embiggenable thru-owt the day.

Luv, Roxie.

p.s.--Ackshully that is a lie. I will not be editin more picsures cuz I, Roxie, just disscoverd that wen I goes bak an makes picsures embiggenable, all preevius Roxie blog comments frum my reedership get lost. :( I likes comments so never mind.


cdncowgirl said...

Glad you're back Roxie. Don't worry about the old pictures. But we all look forward to new pics that will embiggen!

LeopardAppy said...

Yes Roxie, we are glad you got your embiggener working. We can't wait to hear about your other saddle too.

Roxie said...

OOh then purhaps i will post abowt my other saddul 2day.