Friday, January 18, 2019

Bloo Crissmiss stuff

I will tell you all what we gets for Crissmiss. On the condishun that you all do not come over and steel the cool things.

I is Roxie and I is over sharing.


I is all "Mommish. I do not want new tacks becuz that meens more work." And she is all "Hokay but. How about I give you foods and groomy stuff instead and I can dig up old tacks and we can pretend they is new." Which is a good deel.

So i gets this bloo quater sheet which is not new but which I never has to gets to use becuz I grows my own warmth.

And I gets my lether bit put back on my bridle becuz when it is 15 degrees, it is nice to not have to carry a metal rod in ones mouf.

Comfort is key.

And I gets this boss detwangler that takes care of my Roxie Dredlocksies.

And i gets a mondo dump of Crissmiss grain with extra flaxes.

And new peppurmints.

Other dorks get bloo bridles. This just meens more work for those suckers.

Ther is a Fang bridle tag too, in case any one is to make the mistake of thinking she is frendly and nice:


Baby Halo gets a bloo show haltur for this coming season.

Fancy Babbo 

Anyways, that is all that I knows of.

Bloo Crissmiss!