Sunday, July 28, 2013

Advenchers! Part THREE

So, as I has promised. More Roxie advenchers.

So we goes on another advencher and this is how it starts. Mom hooks up my trock and Roxie trailur an we goes down the road. I has not been in there real long wen, can you beleeve it? My trailur starts with the wiggling an wobbling again! An Mom is all "OH no way is this happuning!!" and "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THEY TOLD ME THEY FIXDED IT" an some other words that is not OK for a Roxie to repeet on a blog. And I is all "well OK" an we turns a trock an trailer around and then drives slower and soon I is back in my Roxie pasture and I is all "Cool."

Then Mom takes my trailur off of my truck an drives my truck away.

She is gone a real long time but there was some truck switcheroo happuning.

(Editor's note: Never should have switched from Chevy)

SO I is hanging out in my pasture, and heer comes Mom with a brand new Roxie trock! Hooray!

And so these is all hooked back up, an then I gets in my trailer and we is FINELEE off on a real advencher! This trock is nice, there is no more swaying around and I can evun nap a little.

So I is in my trailer for a while, and I starts to smell good smells.  Like hays and cows an weets but mostly hays. When Mom stops my trailur, I gets out, and I is at Kate's horse house! It is getting dark by this time, but I knows Kate from her mom's blog. :)

So i goes into a passture with great grasses, an hay, an watters! This is awesome. It is a nice place to be, and I can stretch out my Roxie legs and RUN around and lay down and do rollings. So I does all these Roxie things. An then I go to sleeps. 

The next morning, Mom comes to get me SO erly! And I is all "NO WAY!" and "GALLOP GALLOP GALLOP!" An Mom is all "uh Roxie you is going to need all this energys" but I IS NOT LISSENING! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!!! So I runs around and does Thunder Horse an wakes up the whole nayberhood.

Finelee I allows Mom to catch me. An she is all "Let us get back in your trailur" and I is like "PLEASE DONOT MAKE ME" but finelee I goes in.  

We does a MUCH shorter ride this time. Then I smells other horses! And pine trees! And Mom parks my trailur in a nice shady resting place, and I gets out. And wen i gets out, I Roxie realize that I has BEEN here before! :D

So I goes an hangs out with some other horses at their horse stalls. An there is a bunch of people there who seem to know a Roxie, and they is all "Hi Roxie!" and "Let us braid your maene!" So i allows this.


Then I is finelee ready to go into the areena an jump all the fenses!

I does a BUNCH of fence jomping. The first time, they is pritty small. An then the next time, they gets just a little bit more bigger. I donot notice this so I hits a rail and it falls down. :(

Then there is 2 more times I go do jomping, and the fences is even BIGGER! I jomps them all SO GOOD!

Heer is video.

This is a class where is is Roxie perfickt.
When you is perfickt, som times you do a jomp-off. Like fewer fences. Mom says that a jomp-off is usuallee as fast as you can go, but that this one was Oppamum Time? I donot know what that meens. But Mom says it is OK to be slower.
Heer is my Oppamum Time jomping.

This is the class where i nock a rail. :(

There is no video of the bigger fence jomping because my video girl has a horse too an she hadda go put a saddul on that horse.

An heer is the closest picsure. I is mostly too far away for pictures to com from this video.

BUT. Get this. I gets FOUR ribbins, one for each time i does fence jomping! One is bloo, one is yello and two is green, which is Mom's favorite color. :)

And then i gets all the grains and hays and carrits, and I gets to get in my trailur with my nice trock and go home in STYLE an also in comfort.

Oh, an one more thing to say. All the peeple at this show loves me an says I is there favorite horse at the whole place. Mom says she heers one lady say meen things, but I did not heer these things so I reeject this. And the nice girls at this show takes this picsture of me being Roxie adorubble. Like usual.

I is Roxie!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I is sooper Roxie sorry for the bloggin delays!

Mom as my typer hoomin is a major dis appointment.

This being said. There is way more Roxie advenchers coming up. Like, at least THREE more advenchers.

But until then. Until Mom finds time to devote to Roxie rite-ing, I can deliver you a small innerlude in the form of this piscure on a calendar.

Relly, if these calender peeples is gonna use a Roxie picsure, they shuld at least ask a Roxie if it is OK.