Friday, April 12, 2019

Cusstom saddle

Mommish has desided that my Roxieness deserves a cusstom saddle.

A horn type saddul for trail walking.

So hay lady Leeuh from long ago comes. She has theese dealies that you put on horse backs and write down so some man som place can make the bones of the saddul. He takes a while. Than he sends this to Leeuh and she puts all the lethers and fancy stamps and dots and silvers on it, and that will be my saddle.

There is a wither one, and a middul one, and a loin one.

Anyway. My self will not fit into thees dealies! Ha ha ha I knows I is speshial.

So mommish gets her bendy ruler and we do mezzuring this way. 

I is Roxie and I is supervisin.

Artsy mezzure.

Normal mezzure.

I will have a saddul som time in the next years.

Yay for more horse tackle!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

I hate theese flyers also

Ther is a invasion of flying honky things in the hay field near my horse house.

TOO near my horse house.

I hate these things. I cannut quite see what they is. So i stares in a intimmidating way and I snorts at them.


And then i bravely runs away as I must proteck my Roxie greatness.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Back to work

So. Mom is all "BACK TO WORK ROXIE" and i must confess that i haete this.

I rememmer being a fit Roxie but this is not easy to get back into.

Anyway heer is a pic of me before getting in to my rootine:

Ther will be some comparring, I guess.