Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Holy wind storms

We gets a crazy wind storm heer last week. Mom says the wind blows wer SEVINTY FIVE miles a hour.

Heer is videos of this. My willa tree is all BLOW BLOW BLOW. But you can sees in the left of the video that me an Trixie is blown up against our horse fense, but otherwise this is no big deel.

Heer is a picsure for those of you who is anti-video. Normallee that big tree holds still.

Anyways. I lives! An everything is cool. Donut worry about me. We had to live in the darks for a few days but that is all.

Altho. The air plame thing that Mom's Matt flies. It did not do so well as I did in the storm. That is kina sad.

At least little baby horse helps with tree part cleen-up at our Horse house after words.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


My Roxie-ness is good at all things. You all knows this.

You lernded a little bit ago that I can chaese a cows.

Ther is an other cow thing that I do allso. Wher you only goes after ONE cow. An that cow is all "PLEEZE LEMME GO BACK TO MAH COW FRENDS" but you is all "NO, I is a HORSE and *I* tells you wher to go!"

This is uh cutting? I do not know. I donut seem to cut on any cows or to make cow bludd. But what ever.

We goes to this areena an ther is cows an thees cows is WILD. The cows at cow sorting is all cool with bowncing off you. They is like "horses is no big deel." Theese cutting cows is like "GET AWAY FROM ME OR I WILL JOMP OUT OF THIS AREENA" and then they DO!  D:

So i work these cows. This is hard. You go one way an the cow goes the other! It is hard to be fast enuf.

Lousy fast-cow. >:\

All the cow-horse peeple is like "Wow I did nut think your Roxie would be any good at this cow-cutting" wich I suspose is a complimint.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Being bird rided.

So you all must reemember how I, Roxie, is a champeeon of being bird rided.

This is still a troo thing.

But. I susspecxt that som one is trayning to unsurp me.