Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Gets a Award!!

I, Roxie, has winned an AWARD.
Normully i don't reelly know how to post awards, an i don't usuallee pass 'em on cuz hey, I is Roxie, an i shuld be eating. But I will at least tell you all ten things abowt me. Roxie.
So heer goes:

1) i is a Bay Roan. Excep for in the winnter wen I, Roxie, is just a Bay. Seriosly, it is funnie. I like changing collers.

2) I gottded roached again, it is too HOT heer for me to have a maene.

3) i live with lots of Roommate Horses in the Big Feeld right now. Ther is me, Roommate Horse, Rex, Rusty with a Bad Knee, Sparrow, Polo, an Luhkota. I pins my Roxie eers at ALL these horses! Yup. An somtimes Rex kicks me, an then i kick him back, an then we squeel, an then we is frends again.

4) My Roxie bits is HUGE, they is SEVEN INCHS.

5) Excep for my Roxie curb, it is 6 and one-haff inches.

6) I is starrting to lern to JUMP. i has jumpded X fences a cuple of times an one time i evun jumpded a RAIL. An i hits fences, an i nocks them over, an then i get re-warded cuz Mom gets off of my Roxie back and fixes them. Hooray! Nocking fences down!

7) I HAETE clippurs. I haete haet haete them! Mom haz sed that I, Roxie, will be clippured this winnter so we can ride for longer with out me making Roxie Swett. But I don' think she reuhlizes that I, Roxie, will NOT allow this!! I will get violint, an i will nock her down too. Seriosly.

8) People has stopped calling me a boy horse. This is becuz I, Roxie, gets more byoootiful every day. Mom sez.

9) I, Roxie, can GALLOP!! Yup. I has a 5th geer. But only in the feeld behind my Horse House, an only wen we are hedding back towards home. That is the only time galloping occurs.

10) Um. It is harrd to think of ten whole things.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Roxie Faece Friday

See this? Peppurmints goes in HEER.

Friday, July 17, 2009


1) i gettded my shoos pulled off. Apparintly I has the best Roxie feets in the hole world so I dont need 'em. Hooray!

2) it is possibel to go on trael rides all by your Roxie self wen you is NOT near the barn an ther are no other horses for miels around!

3) i liek to roll. roll roll roll.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Side Way

So Side Passez is wen you go side ways. An it turns out that this is neet at surtin times. Liek when Mom is riding, an asks for you to go side ways. and you DO, an then you're a Good Roxie!

But wen Mom is brushing your Roxie belly an you try a Side Passes to attempt to step on her, this is not rewarded eqwally.