Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hiding from Dressahzj

Mom coms for more dressahzj.

Being Leg-less Roxie did nut work before.

So I trys hiding.

Ther is no one behind the Hay Tire but us Birds.

This does not work EETHER. :(

Any more ideeuhs?

Monday, May 7, 2012

I has a Grate Roxie Birfday

See?  Today's my birfday.  Although actshully this picsure was taken on Saterday.  An my Roxie birfday was Thursday. 
Oh.  And there is som other Roxie birfday ribbins also.

Mom tells me the bloo ribbins mean I is a number one horse of the day from out of all the horses. 
This does not mean as much to me as does the fact that I also wins a whole bag of Roxie Treets, an a matching bloo pitch fork for my Roxie trailer.
Mom ALSO tells me I is lucky to have bloo ribbins becuz of 2 things.  1) Apparently dressazhj arenas is not just teeny fences to be jomped.  And 2) When it IS time to jomp reel fences, I jomps them all sideways! Ha ha ha!  I do this because it is MY birfday, and sideways jomping is what I want to do.  
Any ways.  Go me!