Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Winter wanderings

 I has been wandering around all winter packin mom and sometimes Moms Matt.

Som times in very inclement conditions

Som times ponying a young monster

Mom's matt is great because its a garantee of no trotting

The best of all however is wen my kid tags along. and she packs a human just like I do.

It's pretty great to know i raised a good kid with a steady job.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Being a Boss Lady

So like. Winter is what it is. There is not much activity becuz of ground being froze or hard or muddy and slippy. But Roxies can still earn our graim. 

I is doing this by being a big Boss Lady to baby Ivy horse.

she is young and needs constant reminded of manners. So this is what I do.

The first day she comes in with me. There is much runnin!


And I demunstrates my bigness!

Tower of Power

So far she still needs constant reminnding to not eat my foods or to touch me or to get in my Roxie space.

Being a Boss Lady demands vigilence which means I never gets to take time off or go easy. But proteckting my Roxie foods and also my Roxie Spot Where I Stand in the Passture is worth it to me.