Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So. Gosh. Wow. I fergot about somthing. I fergot that there is a Outside, and I, Roxie, can get rided out there!
Here is the thing. Normaly since this is winnter, Mom does not show up wen it is light. She comes in on some mornings before Roxie brekkest and she cleans all of the stalls, inclooding my Roxie stall which is the best of all the stalls in the Horse House. Or she comes at night after Roxie dinner, an that is wen she rides me in the areena. I LIKES the areena! It is safe an fun an lately there has been jomps in there too. Jomps is fun, exspecially when you wack them with your Roxie feet an they fall! Hooray!
But anyways. Well. Yesserday Mom comes BEFORE Roxie dinner! An it is light Outside, an she is all "Roxie we is goin down the road." Now, I is not a fan of goin down the road. It is SO SCAREY! It has always been scarey. I HAETE goin away from my Horse House! An I try to turn around like a millyun times but Mom will not permit this. It has always been this way. I think one day she will just give up an let me go home, and I will never know if this is so unless I, Roxie, is persistint.
So anyways. We is goin around the driveway, an this is fine, cept there is stuff that must be SNOOOOOOORTed at. Liek those pallat things. Those has always been there, but I must threttin them an maeke them stand still. So I SNOOOOOORTs at them! Hooray! Oh, an then there is those big bolder-rocks. The ones wich surround the lawn-grass. Mom uses those as mownting blocks. They must ALSO be SNOOOOOORTed at! Yep! Then we goes around the drive-way some more times, an then Mom is all, "Roxie, go onto the road." An I is pointed that way, and then I sees a MONSTER!!! It is SO SO SO SO SO SCAREY! I KNEW there was a MONSTER there! So I spins an I BOLTS, as fast as I can!!!
(Mom in: I can walk faster than a Roxie bolt)
An I CLAMBERS over the bolder rocks, an I FLY across the lawn-grass!
(Mom in again: We went about 10 feet and halted)
An then I desides to be a BRAEV Roxie! An I TURNS to face the scarey monster!

An this is so weerd.

It is gone!

I seed a little girl walking a little Jack Rustle dog. But no MONSTER?! So I looked and looked and looked, cuz I thot maybe it was behind her. But there was no Monster anymore! Isnt that weerd? I, Roxie, did not know that Monsters culd do that. This maekes them evun more scarier.
So we eventshually goed down the road. There is MORE SCAREY STUFF! Like a water puddle! An a shiny pipe! An a Reel Estayte sign! I SNOOOOOOORTs at all these things! Mom does not seem to mind so much. Altho she maekes me do liek a HUNDRID circles, an leg yeelds, an bends. I does this for EVER. But I is a Good Roxie! An I did get to go back to Horse House. So this is cool. An then it is Roxie dinner time, which is evun more cool.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So i don't know whut Mom's deel is lately but I, Roxie, is haveing to work SOOOOOO hard! Taeke last night as a exsample, I was rudely reemoved from my Roxie dinner an forced to run arownd in SIDE RAINS!


After works, I is always allowed to roll in the areena.

an I gets Roxie Reevenge by rubbing my Roxie face in the durt! Mom is like, "Eww, gross Roxie face!" an that is how I winned.

And then I goed back to dinner an there was grain foods so I suppose works is not all bad.