Sunday, January 17, 2016

Late Crissmiss update!

So I am slow in telling you abowt Crissmiss.

Roxies is slow. You all should know this by now.

Any ways.

Sweet Potatoe Pony and I is spending the wintur at a place with a big indoor areena.

Potato is getting her tiny butt worked off.

Butt she also gets play things, and she gets massahjed, so this is fine.

I, Roxie, gets to get rode also. But beecuz I'm in my winter hairs, I donut do too much work.

It is nice to get to come in from the cold, seriosly. 

Also there is so many baby ponies here to watch! 

But anyways. Crissmiss. Crissmiss was grate becus I got my two favorite things: 1) grain foods, and 2) not having to do work.

Mine is the Big One

Sweet Po gets grain foods too, and a new bloo haltur.

So anyways. That is Crissmiss!