Thursday, August 15, 2013

Who iz this?

Hold the fone, you guys.

Mom shows up one day with a little horse. Like a littler an darker version of Roxie, but still. Not a Roxie.

I is like conserned, but only mildly. Espeshialy when Mom is all "donut worry, Roxie, you is still my favrite and I love you the best." I is all "well OK then" and that is that.

Mom has ben making hints that it wuld be a REEL NICE THING if I allows this little Roxie-ish to maybe do bloggin. THIS, I is not sure how I feels about.  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Advenchers! Part FOUR

So heer we go agin with yet an other advencher!

This one is a little bit after the big show thing where I is such a Good Roxie. An it starts in the usual way, where Mom is all "Hay Roxie, please to be for getting in your Roxie Trailur" and I is all "Derp, Okay."

So i do this, an we rides down the road for a wile.

It is another Weet Drive with nothing but weet!

But then we get to a hilly bit with trees and grasses.

See? Trees an grasses.

And more hill-ness.

But then we gets to the top! An there is a super nice farm place there.

It is a nice place to show my Roxie truck off.

I gets out, and is tied to my trailur.


Then I gets my saddul on, and I goes to do works! First I goes and does dressazhj works, while a trainer laydee watches. This is all pritty boring, an there is no picsures. Then I gets to go into a stall, an eat some hays and drink some watters. And I evun gets a nap.

Then I goes to my trailur again! I gets my saddul on some more, and we goes an does a little bit of jumpings.

Heer is me pondering the jusstice of being rided TOO times in a single day.


This is OK tho, beecuz we barely jomps anything at all. It is like the trainer laydee there does not unnerstand Roxie greatness over fenses.

Heer is one of the 2 areenas. I does the jomping in this one. They use a little CAR to do dragging on it!

Then after we is done jomping, Mom hoses me off, an walks me around and lets me eat ALL the grasses. There is neet new grasses at this farm! And cool animals too. I evun finds a big FROG.  

Yep, that's abowt right.

I goes to my stall wen it starts to get dark, an I goes to sleeps.

Then the next day, there is more dressahzj!  

It's still BO RING.

And there is still no picsures.

But then I rests again, and goes to do jomping!

This day of jomping is WAY more fun because we do XC jomping! And Mom is like "Hey Roxie, go jomp whatever fenses you want!" and I DO!!

Heer is pictures:

This is right after I jomped a BIG coopey thing but our photo laydee was off on her timing. 

This one is after I jomps that big log!

Heer is me about to jomp a fence!

Heer is me jomping it wrong! Mom says "jomp straight" and I is all "NO I will jomp Roxie Diagomal!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

So then I has to go jomp that last one again. But I does it perfect! And then I is all done, and I gets to go in my trailur and go home.

YAY for Roxie! Another sucsessful advencher!